Russia Confirms Damage to Novocherkassk Warship in Black Sea

Russia has confirmed that one of its warships, the Novocherkassk, was damaged in an attack by Ukraine on the port of Feodosiya in Crimea. The strike, carried out with missiles, another blow to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, which has already faced several setbacks this year.

Novocherkassk Warship in Black Sea

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The Ukrainian Air Force, led by Commander Mykola Oleshchuk, claimed responsibility for the attack, asserting that the Novocherkassk was destroyed in the attack. Videos and images shared on social media show a large explosion and flames at the port.

The Novocherkassk, a large landing ship with a history of involvement in Russian military operations, was reportedly struck by either British-made Storm Shadow cruise missiles or French-made SCALP-EGs.

The missiles were launched from western Ukraine, utilizing a Sukhoi Su-24 bomber as Ukraine’s primary anti-ship platform.

Sergey Aksyonov, the Russian appointed governor of Crimea, confirmed the toll of the attack, reporting one person killed and two injured.

Additionally, six buildings suffered damage, leading to temporary evacuations in the vicinity. The port area was cordoned off, and residents were to leave the area temporarily.

The Novocherkassk, a mid-size vessel capable of amphibious landings, has been targeted before. In March 2022, it was reportedly damaged in an attack near the Ukrainian port city of Berdyansk.

The repeated strikes on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has concerns about the stability of the Russian Navy. Last year, the flagship guided missile cruiser Moskva sank, and recent attacks have degraded Russia’s naval capabilities in the region.

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Maritime security experts, such as Basil Germond, have showed Ukraine’s ability to target Russian warships with long-range missiles as a problem for Russia.

The Institute for the Study of War has noted that Ukraine’s strikes on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet are successfully degrading the Russian Navy.

This questions about Russia’s control over the Black Sea, an area for both countries. Ukraine’s military claims of destroying 15 Russian navy ships and damaging 12 others in the Black Sea.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps commented on Twitter, stating that the destruction of Putin’s navy demonstrates that those who perceive a stalemate in the Ukraine war are mistaken.

The attack on the Novocherkassk underlines the dynamics and challenges Russia’s dominance in the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s successful attacks on Russian naval assets indicate a growing military capability, with the country acquiring advanced weaponry from Western allies.

The use of guided missiles, reportedly supplied by the U.K. and France, showcases Ukraine’s ability to challenge Russian forces in the region.

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President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian Air Force for the attack on the Novocherkassk, sarcastically remarking about the impressive replenishment of the Russian underwater Black Sea fleet.

Zelensky’s comments show Ukraine’s determination to resist Russian occupation and maintain pressure on Russian military assets.

The Russian Defense Ministry officially confirmed the damage to the Novocherkassk, acknowledging that the large landing ship had been struck by Ukrainian aircraft carrying guided missiles.

The Kremlin reported that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu provided President Vladimir Putin with a detailed report on the incident.

Ukraine has targeted Russian military assets, including the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters in Sevastopol, contributing to a repositioning of Russian warships to safer ports.

Ukraine’s efforts to regain control over Crimea, which was seized and annexed by Russia in 2014. The attacks on Russian military assets in Crimea underline Ukraine’s determination to resist Russian occupation and challenge Moscow’s control over the important peninsula.

While Ukraine asserts its successful destruction of the Novocherkassk, Russia downplays the extent of the damage.

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