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Philippine Ferry Catches Fire With 120 People Onboard

On June 18, 2023, a Philippine ferry named Esperanza Star caught fire while touring from Siquijor Province to Bohol Province in the central Philippines. The Philippine ferry had 65 passengers and 55 crew members on board. The Philippine Coast Guard immediately dispatched two rescue vessels to the scene. They successfully saved all 120 people on board, and no casualties were reported.

Photos and videos released by the Coast Guard showed flames and black smoke billowing from two balconies of the Philippine ferry. Coast Guard labor force exercised a water cannon from another vessel to extinguish the fire. near fishing boats and another vessel were also present during the rescue operation. The survivors were taken to the port city of Tagbilaran in Bohol province.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire. Sea accidents are unfortunately common in the Philippines due to various factors similar as frequent storms, badly maintained vessels, overcrowding, and lax enforcement of security regulations, especially in remote businesses.

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Philippine Ferry Catches Fire With 120 People Onboard

A Philippine ferry carrying 120 passengers and crew members was engulfed in flames at ocean on Sunday. The M/ V Esperanza Star, en route from Siquijor province to Bohol province in the central Philippines, faced a dangerous situation as the fire broke out at dawn.

Thanks to the quick reaction of the Philippine Coast Guard and their dedicated efforts, all individualities on board were successfully saved, and the fire was ultimately extinguished after a five-hour battle.

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The Rescue Operation by Philippine Coast Guard in Philippine ferry

Upon receiving the distress call, the Philippine Coast Guard wasted no time and quickly deployed two rescue vessels to the scene. Photos and videos released by the Coast Guard obtained the intimidating scene as dears and thick black smoke billowed from the Philippine ferry. Coast Guard labor force aboard another vessel courageously fought the fire utilizing water cannons, while near fishing crafts and vessels sat ready to give backing.

The bold efforts of the Coast Guard, along with the cooperative support of other maritime entities, proved instrumental in ensuring the security of all those on board in Philippine ferry. Numerous passengers, gripped by fear, jumped into the ocean as the fire raged on. They were instantly plucked from the water by the Coast Guard, cortege labor force, another ferry, and local fishermen. The coordinated rescue operation successfully ensured that no lives were lost in this heartrending incident.

The priority remained the safe evacuation of all passengers and crew members. The survivors were transported to the port city of Tagbilaran in Bohol province, where they received medical attention and emotional support. The Philippine ferry exact conditions and where abouts of the saved individuals weren’t exposed, but the Coast Guard comforted the public that all onboard the Philippine ferry were accounted for and safe.

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An investigation into the cause of the fire has been started to determine the circumstances that led to this fearful incident. The findings of the investigation will be pivotal in understanding any potential setbacks in safety protocols or maintenance issues. It’s an opportunity to impose the country of the Philippine maritime industry and address the challenges faced by operators, regulators, and passengers likewise.

Sea accidents have become all too common in the Philippine archipelago due to various factors. Constant storms, poorly maintained vessels, overcrowding, and lax enforcement of security regulations, especially in remote provinces, contribute to the pitfalls associated with maritime travel. The safety and security of passengers and crew members should be the utmost priority, demanding a combined trouble to harden security measures, apply regulations, and invest in proper vessel maintenance.

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Maritime Safety Concerns in the Philippines

The Philippines, being an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, heavily relies on ferry transportation for inter-island trip. Safety concerns persist due to various factors. Constant storms and tempestuous rainfall conditions pose significant risks to maritime operations.

Inadequate vessel maintenance and outdated infrastructure contribute to the vulnerability of vessels. Overcrowding of ferries is also a common issue, as operators prioritize maximizing gains over ensuring passenger security. The enforcement of safety regulations remains inconsistent, especially in remote businesses.

The Philippines has witnessed several maritime accidents in the history, resulting in significant loss of life. One notable incident was the sinking of the ferry Dona Paz in December 1987, which claimed the lives of more than 4,300 people, marking it as the world’s worst maritime disaster.

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