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Pakistan’s Sindh: Hindu Temple Attacked with Rocket Launchers

In Pakistan, a group of dacoits targeted a Hindu temple in the Kashmore area of Sindh territory. This attack, which included the use of rocket launchers, comes shortly after the illegal demolition of the historic Mari Mata Temple in Karachi. These incidents have raised concerns over deteriorating law and order, as well as the safety and protection of minority communities in the country.

Hindu Temple Attacked with Rocket Launchers

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The attackers launched their attack on a small temple built by the nearby Hindu people group in Kashmore, along with neighboring homes owned by members The temple, which is almost 150 years of age, is of critical significant cultural and religious importance to the Hindu community.

The aggressors fired indiscriminately at the temple, which was shut during the attack. Luckily, the rocket launchers utilized by the dacoits failed to explode, bringing about no death toll.

Following the attack, the police, drove by Kashmore-Kandhkot SSP Irfan Sammo, quickly showed up at the scene and started a search operation in the area. The police estimate that there were eight or nine shooters engaged in the attack.

Dr. Suresh, a member from the Bagri people group, affirmed that no losses happened because of the bombed explosion of the rocket launchers. The incident has left the occupants in a state of panic, underscoring the requirement for upgraded safety efforts to safeguard the vulnerable minority community.

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Targeting Hindu Places of Worship

This attack on the Hindu temple is certainly not an isolated incident. It follows the destruction of the Mari Mata temple in Karachi, where the structure was razed to the ground under supervision of a heavy police presence.

Such destructive incidents and annihilation of strict locales raise serious worries about the opportunity of love and the security of minority freedoms in Pakistan. The incident additionally exposes the vulnerability of religious minorities, particularly the Hindu community, who constitute the largest minority group in the country.

The recent attacks on Hindu temples and the minority community are accepted to be in counter to a romantic tale including Seema Haider Jakhrani, a Pakistani lady who passed on her nation and entered India to be with a Hindu man she met through the web based gaming platform PUBG.

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Criminal gangs in the Kashmore and Ghotki riverine regions have given threats to target Hindu places of worship and community members as a result of this love story. These threats, combined with the attacks, have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the Hindu community.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has communicated caution over the deteriorating law and order situation in the districts of Kashmore and Ghotki in Sindh. As per reports got by the HRCP, roughly 30 individuals from the Hindu community, including women and children, have allegedly been held hostage by organized criminal gangs.

The commission has also received disturbing reports of threats to attack the community’s sites of worship using high-grade weapons. The HRCP has called on the Sindh Home Department to investigate the matter promptly and ensure the safety of the minority community.

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