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Pakistan: 6 Children Trapped in Cable Car for Over 9 Hours

In Pakistan’s north-western region a cable car carrying six kids and two grown-ups became suspended 900 feet over the ground in a remote mountainous area. The cable car, which was being utilized by nearby residents to get to schools and government workplaces, was left hanging precariously after one of its cables snapped, triggering a massive rescue operation.

As the world watches anxiously, helicopters and rescue teams are striving to reach the stranded passengers and bring them to safety.

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The cable car incident happened around 7:00 a.m. local time in the Allai valley of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area. The eight occupants, including six schoolchildren aged somewhere in the range of 10 and 16 years of age, were left abandoned mid-air for more than four hours before the first rescue helicopter arrived at the scene. The region’s difficult geography and absence of infrastructure have made the rescue operation complex and risky.

Authorities immediately assembled rescue teams, including helicopters and skilled personnel, to arrive at the cable car and its occupants.

However, the operation confronted various difficulties, for example, breezy winds and worries that the helicopter’s rotor blades could additionally weaken the destabilize the cable car. Despite these hindrances, the rescue teams persistently worked to find a safe and effective solution.

Inside the cable car, fear and panic set in as one of the passengers with a heart condition fainted, and the rest awaited rescue.

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A desperate plea for help was made via a phone call to a Pakistani television channel: “For God’s sake help us,” Gulfaraz, one of the trapped adults, implored. Spectators assembled on the two sides of the ravine, anxiously watching the rescue mission.

Rescue teams faced various challenges in their efforts to reach at the abandoned passengers. The cable car was suspended by a single rope, adding to the instability of the circumstance.

Furthermore, strong breezes and the level at which the cable car hung made it hard for the rescue helicopter to approach securely. To moderate dangers, a second approach was devised, involving the use of nets to create a safer landing zone for the cable car.

The incident shed light on the unique difficulties faced by occupants of the regions because of its sloping territory and absence of proper infrastructure.

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Cable cars, are ordinarily utilized by nearby locals to cross the difficult scene and access fundamental administrations, like schools and government workplaces. The incident has provoked conversations about the safety and regulation of such privately-operated cable cars.

As the sun sets and light decreases, the desperation of the rescue operation intensifies. The difficult weather conditions, including gusty winds and the possibility of heavy rain or thunderstorms, further entangle the operation.

With the trapped passengers awaiting rescue and their families anxiously watching, the mission becomes a race against time to bring them to safety.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar communicated alert at the incident and ordered an immediate inspection of all privately-operated chairlifts to ensure their safety.

The incident has highlighted the need for improved safety measures and regulations for cable car operations in mountainous areas.

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