Squid Game Actor Oh Young-soo Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

South Korean actor Oh Young-soo known for his role as Oh Il Nam in the hit Netflix series Squid Game, has been convicted of Sexual Misconduct. The 79-year-old actor faced allegations of inappropriate physical contact with an unidentified woman.

Oh Young-soo Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

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The accusations against Oh was from incidents that occurred in 2017, where he was accused of hugging, kissing, and holding the woman’s hand without her consent.

The victim filed a complaint in December 2021, starting an investigation and legal proceedings against the actor.

Denying the allegations Oh found himself in a trial that has now reached a conclusion with his conviction.

After a legal battle, a district court judge in Seongnam, Seoul, delivered the final verdict on March 15, 2024, finding Oh Young-soo guilty of Sexual Misconduct.

The court sentenced him to an eight-month suspended prison term and mandated attendance at a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program. Additionally Oh received a two-year probation period.

Throughout the trial prosecutors sought a harsher penalty advocating for a year-long prison sentence and a permanent employment ban if convicted.

Oh Young-soo maintained his innocence claiming that his interactions with the woman were devoid of any malicious intent. By expressing remorse and issuing apologies, Oh denied the charges against him.

Prior to the verdict he faced professional setbacks including being dropped from the cast of Squid Game’s anticipated second season and having his scenes removed from an upcoming film. The South Korean Ministry of Culture ceased airing advertisements featuring Oh.

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Oh Young-soo’s case is a societal issues surrounding sexual misconduct and abuse of power, particularly within the entertainment industry.

The #MeToo movement in South Korea has numerous instances of sexual harassment and assault, leading to increased problems and accountability for perpetrators.

Throughout the trial Oh Young-soo maintained his innocence, asserting that he held the woman’s hand to guide her around a lake.

He expressed regret for any misunderstanding but maintained that his actions were not indicative of misconduct. Despite his defense the court found the accusations credible and ruled against him.

The case has started discussions surrounding sexual misconduct in South Korea particularly within the entertainment industry.

Women’s rights groups have praised the court’s decision, addressing the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

The #MeToo movement in South Korea has led to increased awareness and advocacy against sexual violence.

Oh Young-soo’s conviction has led to troubles for his career with several projects distancing themselves from him.

His removal from ongoing productions and the erasure of his presence in upcoming works addressing the severe consequences of such allegations in the entertainment industry.

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