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North Korea Unveils First Nuclear-Armed Submarine

North Korean president Kim Jong Un presided over a ceremony to uncover what Pyongyang professes to be its first operational submarine capable of launching nuclear weapons. This disclosure has raised concerns and produced huge interest in the global community.

North Korea Unveils First Nuclear-Armed Submarine

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North Korea’s state media named the new submarine “Hero Kim Kun Ok” after a North Korean naval officer and historical figure. As per reports, this submarine is intended to reinforce North Korea’s nuclear hindrance abilities. In any case, there is doubt among specialists in regards to the submarine’s true capabilities.

Experts suggest that the submarine in question appears to be a modified version of a Soviet-era Romeo-class submarine. The Romeo-class submarines were originally acquired by North Korea from China during the 1970s and later locally produced.

While the modifications are aimed at enabling the submarine to carry and launch nuclear weapons, its core design remains rooted in outdated technology.

Specialists bring up a few constraints and weaknesses related with the Hero Kim Kun Ok submarine. These incorporate noise levels, slow speed, limited range, and the fundamental design of the original Romeo-class sub. Such limitations could make the submarine less effective in modern naval warfare scenarios.

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One key aspect that stays questionable is whether this submarine is really functional. North Korea still can’t seem to exhibit its capacity to fire nuclear-capable missiles from this vessel effectively. This raises questions about the actual readiness and functionality of the Hero Kim Kun Ok.

While the particulars of its rocket abilities stay indistinct, it is accepted that the submarine is intended to carry more limited range submarine-launched cruise missiles (SLCMs). These SLCMs could pose a regional threat, targeting nearby countries.

South Korea has condemned the launch and expressed skepticism about the submarine’s capabilities. They believe that North Korea may have exaggerated its claims regarding the Hero Kim Kun Ok.

The South Korean military additionally called attention to indications of deception or exaggeration in North Korea’s announcements.

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Japan has expressed unease over North Korea’s military activities and the perceived threats they pose. Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno stated that North Korea’s military activity now poses a graver and more imminent threat to Japan’s security than before.

While the US has not given an official statement, it is likely closely monitoring the situation and evaluating its implications for regional security.

The unveiling of the submarine matches with the 75th anniversary of North Korea’s founding, and reports suggest that a Chinese delegation will participate in the celebrations. China’s stance on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and its role in regional stability will be closely watched.

The uncovering of the Hero Kim Kun Ok submarine is just one element of North Korea’s broader nuclear ambitions. Over the years, North Korea has conducted numerous missile tests, including intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests, and has actively pursued nuclear weapons development.

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