Nigeria’s president election: Bola Tinubu becomes the 5th President

Bola Tinubu has been declared the winner of Nigeria’s presidential election with 8.79 million votes, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission. Main opposition rival Atiku Abubakar received 6.98 million votes, and Peter Obi gained 6.1 million votes.

The election was intended to be Nigeria’s most open battle yet, but new technology and a lacking communications network led to problems with the electoral process, and opposition parties have rejected the results as fraudulent.

Tinubu has faced a range of problems including corruption and armed conflict, and he’ll come Nigeria’s fifth president since the country returned to democratic rule in 1999.

Bola Tinubu becomes the 5th President

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos state, has been declared the winner of Nigeria’s presidential election, after a nearly fought contest that has left the country divided.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared on Wednesday that Tinubu had secured8.79 million votes, ahead of main opposition rival Atiku Abubakar’s 6.98 million votes.

Despite claims by opposition parties that the election was spoiled by fraud and voter suppression, Tinubu defended the integrity of the election and called on Nigerians to unite around him.

“ I’m very happy I’ve been tagged the president of the federal democracy of Nigeria, ” he said to cheers in Abuja. “ This is a serious mandate. I hereby accept it.

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” Tinubu, who turns 71 thereafter this month, was governor of Lagos between 1999 and 2007, where he’s credited with pioneering reforms that led to the conversion of the state, now Nigeria’s economic central. He’ll become Nigeria’s fifth chairman since the country returned to popular rule in 1999, arising as the winner of the country’s top job on his first attempt.

Still, the opposition parties have rejected the results and say they will challenge them in court. The election was spoiled by reports of voter suppression and outbreaks of violence, particularly in Tinubu’s stronghold Lagos. Voters also faced lengthy delays, and some election officers failed to turn up to polling stations.

The electoral process encountered problems, owing to new technology that didn’t serve well and seemed to overwhelm Nigeria’s notoriously lacking communications network. INEC had promised to upload results from each polling unit to its website in real time, but utmost units were unfit to do so incontinently, undermining trust in the process.

Thousands of results have still to be uploaded. Despite the shortcomings, Tinubu praised INEC for running a believable election and said that the lapses reported were fairly many in number and were immaterial to affect the final outgrowth of the election.

Tinubu now faces a long list of public problems, including Islamist insurgencies in the northeast, armed attacks, killings, and hijackings , conflict between livestock herdsmen and farmers, cash, energy and power shortages, and deeply settled corruption.

He has gone from grass to grace after a rocky launch. He left Nigeria for the US to study in Chicago and was occasionally forced to wash dishes to make ends meet, according to the Bola Tinubu library.

Upon returning to Nigeria, Tinubu worked in the oil sector before venturing into politics. He was tagged into the Nigerian senate in 1992 and served until the coming time when the military seized power.

He fled the country in 1994 after the pro-democracy group he co-founded failed to sway the military to relinquish power.

Nigeria’s election was meant to be its fairest and most open contest to date. But the electoral process encountered problems, and the aftermath has been marked by claims of fraud and voter suppression.

Tinubu’s triumph will be seen as a moment in Nigerian history, but it’ll also be seen as a moment of great query for the country’s future.

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