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Nancy Mace Wins Republican Primary in South Carolina

Republican Representative Nancy Mace has secured victory in the South Carolina 1st Congressional District primary. This win marks her survival through yet another tough primary challenge, this time defeating Catherine Templeton, an opponent backed by resources with former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Nancy Mace Wins Republican Primary in South Carolina

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Nancy Mace has been a prominent figure in the U.S. House of Representatives since her first election in 2020. South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, encompassing the Lowcountry region known for its competitive nature.

Nancy Mace faced and overcame a primary challenge in 2022 from a rival endorsed by former President Donald Trump. At that time, she was targeted for her criticism of Trump following the January 6 Capitol riots.

This year Mace had the endorsement of Trump. McCarthy, the former House Speaker, targeted Nancy Mace for her role in his ousting by eight House Republicans including Mace herself in 2023.

Templeton, a former director of South Carolina’s labor agency and a 2018 gubernatorial candidate, emerged as a challenger. She received financial backing from groups with McCarthy amounting to nearly $5 million.

Marine Corps veteran Bill Young was also in the running but did not pose a threat to Nancy Mace’s candidacy.

Nancy Mace’s campaign was by support from figures such as Republican Governor Henry McMaster and current House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Templeton was endorsed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.

The primary saw around $9 million spent on advertising with nearly half coming from McCarthy-aligned groups targeting Mace. Mace benefited from approximately $3 million in outside spending supporting her campaign.

Nancy Mace’s campaign focused on consolidating support in areas, particularly Charleston County and improving her performance in counties where she had previously faced challenges.

Nancy Mace won with approximately 56.8% of the vote, while Templeton secured 29.8%, and Young garnered 13.4%. The Associated Press called the race for Mace at 8:40 p.m. ET on election night.

Nancy Mace performed strongly in Charleston County and other counties such as Berkeley and Dorchester, where she had previously struggled. Her lead in these areas indicated strong local support and a successful campaign strategy.

Nancy Mace is known for her achievement as the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, South Carolina’s military academy.

Mace initially took a critical stance against former President Donald Trump but has since become an ally. This transformation has been part of her effort to reflect the values of her constituents in South Carolina’s 1st District.

Throughout her second term, Mace has made headlines for both her political maneuvers and personal life.

Mace faced challengers Catherine Templeton and Bill Young. Templeton, a former state official, received backing from McCarthy, who sought revenge on Mace for her role in ousting him as Speaker.

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McCarthy’s political action committee donated $10,000 to Templeton’s campaign and the American Prosperity Alliance, associated with McCarthy allies, contributed over $2.1 million to a PAC opposing Mace.

Nancy Mace capitalized on her reputation for standing up to powerful figures, asserting that her actions reflected the values of her district, which stretches from Charleston to Beaufort County.

Nancy Mace secured a commanding victory, leading by 27 percentage points over Templeton. This victory not only solidifies her position within the Republican Party but also serves as a setback for McCarthy’s efforts to retaliate against those who challenged his leadership.

Nancy Mace will face a Democratic opponent in November in South Carolina’s 1st District, which is regarded as a swing district. Despite being drawn to favor Republicans, the district has a history of competitiveness, having briefly flipped to Democratic control in 2018.

Mace’s personal life including a breakup and weight loss, has been a topic of public interest. She has remained focused on her political career, often using her personal story to connect with voters.

Mace managed her campaign independently. She framed her victory as a testament to her commitment to representing her constituents rather than succumbing to Washington’s political games.

4th District Rep. William Timmons also faced a primary challenge overcoming accusations related to his personal life to secure the nomination.

3rd District With Rep. Jeff Duncan stepping down, the Republican primary is headed to a runoff between Trump-backed Mark Burns and nurse practitioner Sheri Biggs.

2nd and 6th Districts Rep. Joe Wilson and Rep. Jim Clyburn both secured their party nominations, setting the stage for the general election in their respective districts.

Mace expressed gratitude to her supporters for seeing through the opposition’s “senseless noise” and reiterated her commitment to serving her district with integrity and independence.

Catherine Templeton after her defeat, urged her supporters to continue backing Republican values in the upcoming general election.

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