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Mongolia Explosion: 6 Killed and 14 Injured in Gas Truck Blast

In Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, a collision between a truck carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) and a car resulted in a massive explosion. The collision occurred on January 24, 2024, near the Dunjingarav market, leading to the loss of six lives, including three firefighters.

Mongolia Explosion: 6 Killed and 14 Injured in Gas Truck Blast

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The incident happened in the city, with over 600 firefighters mobilized to extinguish the fireball. The collision involved a truck transporting 60 tonnes of LNG, which erupted into a fireball upon impact with the car.

The explosion engulfed multiple buildings, including a residential structure, and numerous vehicles in the vicinity.

The force of the blast was so intense that windows were blown out at a nearby school, and emergency services faced a tough task in tackling the blaze.

The incident claimed the lives of six individuals, including three firefighters from the 63rd Fire Fighting and Rescue Unit of the National Fire Service.

Additionally, 11 people sustained injuries in the explosion. Ten of the injured individuals were taken to the hospital for burns, while a child received treatment for poisoning.

The United States Ambassador, Richard Buangan, expressed deep sadness over the accident, extending condolences to the families and colleagues of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) staff who lost their lives.

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Similarly, the European Union’s ambassador to Mongolia, Axelle Nicaise, conveyed shock and devastation at the incident.

More than 600 firefighters, supported by 100 vehicles, were deployed to combat the massive blaze. The operation was not only to extinguish the fire but also to manage the aftermath of the explosion.

Residents of a nearby apartment block were temporarily relocated for their safety, and roads in the affected area were closed to facilitate cleanup efforts.

As authorities launched an investigation into the incident, findings suggested that the LNG truck made a sharp turn at a crossroad, leading to the collision with the car.

The impact caused an immediate explosion, and a second blast occurred, resulting in the loss of the three firefighters.

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