Liverpool, known for its vibrant and inclusive community, has once again demonstrated its unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community. In a powerful display of solidarity, the city has pledged to host Kyiv’s annual Pride march on behalf of Ukraine. This decision comes in response to Ukraine’s ban on hosting Pride marches following the Russian invasion.

Liverpool, which hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 on behalf of Ukraine, aims to ensure that the legacy of Eurovision continues by joining forces with KyivPride. The annual March with Pride event, which drew over 15,000 participants last year, will unite the streets of Liverpool and Kyiv, sending a message of unity, hope, and support for the LGBTQ+ communities in both cities.

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Liverpool to Host KyivPride March On Behalf of Ukraine's LGBTQ+ Community

Liverpool has a rich tradition of hosting lively and inclusive Pride events, with thousands of participants and allies taking to the streets each year. The city’s annual celebration has become a vibrant display of support, protest, and unity for the LGBT+ community. Last year, over 15,000 people gathered in Liverpool for the pride march, which transformed the city into a colorful spectacle of music, dancing, and elaborate costumes.

The decision to host Kyiv’s annual pride march comes as a response to the ban on such events in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. The Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation, responsible for organizing the March with Pride, saw an opportunity to extend its support to the LGBT+ communities in Ukraine and stand in solidarity with their struggle for freedom and equality.


KyivPride, Ukraine’s largest LGBT+ event, was established in 2012 with the aim of championing the rights of LGBT+ individuals in the country. The organization has been working tirelessly to provide a safe space for the community in Kyiv, offer support services, and raise awareness about LGBT+ issues. Despite facing challenges and discrimination, KyivPride has continued to fight for full respect of LGBT+ human rights in Ukraine.

However, the Russian invasion significantly impacted the ability to organize pride marches in Kyiv. The Ukrainian government implemented a ban on such events due to the ongoing conflict and the need to prioritize safety and security. This restriction deprived the LGBT+ community in Ukraine of a vital platform for visibility, solidarity, and activism.

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In light of these circumstances, international solidarity becomes crucial in supporting the struggle for LGBT+ rights in Ukraine. The collaboration between Liverpool and KyivPride allows for the continuation of the annual pride march, even in the face of adversity. It serves as a reminder that the fight for equality and acceptance transcends borders and that the global LGBT+ community stands united.

Solidarity and Unity

The partnership between Liverpool and KyivPride holds significant importance in demonstrating solidarity and unity among LGBT+ communities across borders. Despite progress made in the fight for LGBT+ rights globally, the struggle for acceptance and equality continues in many parts of the world. By hosting the KyivPride march, Liverpool sends a powerful message that LGBT+ individuals should be able to live freely and happily regardless of their location.

The decision to extend support to Ukraine also highlights the precarious nature of LGBT+ rights even in countries like the United Kingdom, where advancements have been made. The rights and freedoms of LGBT+ individuals can be easily undermined or reversed, underscoring the need for continued advocacy and solidarity.

The March with Pride event in Liverpool provides an opportunity for individuals from the Liverpool City Region and beyond to come together in a celebratory and political setting. By participating, attendees can express their support for the LGBT+ community in Ukraine and promote inclusivity, acceptance, and equal rights for all.

Call for Support and Participation

The organizers of the joint march, Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation and KyivPride, invite individuals, organizations, and businesses to join them in this collaborative celebratory event. They call upon LGBTQ+ people and allies from Liverpool City Region, as well as members of the Ukrainian community residing in the region and beyond, to show their support and solidarity. By actively participating in the march, attendees can send a powerful message of unity and hope, while raising awareness about the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in Ukraine.

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The Eurovision Legacy

Liverpool’s decision to host KyivPride March not only demonstrates solidarity with Ukraine’s LGBT+ community but also upholds the legacy of Eurovision. Eurovision, a renowned international song contest, has served as a platform for celebrating diversity, inclusion, and unity among European nations. Liverpool’s involvement in hosting the KyivPride march builds upon the spirit of Eurovision by promoting acceptance and equal rights for all.

Liverpool has a special connection to Eurovision, as the city was the birthplace of the iconic band, The Beatles, who achieved global fame and recognition. The Beatles’ music transcended boundaries and brought people together, much like the principles behind Eurovision. By hosting the KyivPride march, Liverpool continues this tradition of using music and cultural events to foster unity and support marginalized communities.

The decision to host the march aligns with Liverpool’s commitment to being an inclusive and welcoming city. Liverpool has a strong history of embracing diversity and celebrating different cultures, making it an ideal host for an event that promotes LGBT+ rights and international solidarity.

In hosting the March with Pride, Liverpool aims to create an atmosphere of celebration, activism, and empowerment. The event will provide a platform for the LGBT+ community to raise their voices, share their stories, and demand equal rights. By joining forces with KyivPride, Liverpool reaffirms its commitment to creating a world where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination.

In conclusion, Liverpool’s decision to host the KyivPride march not only showcases its vibrant Pride traditions but also extends a hand of solidarity to the LGBT+ community in Ukraine. By upholding the legacy of Eurovision and emphasizing the importance of unity and acceptance, Liverpool stands as a beacon of hope and support for LGBT+ individuals worldwide.

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