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Iranian Chess Player Sara Khadem Who Removed Hijab gets Spanish Citizenship

Sara Khadem, a 25-year-old Iranian chess player, has been conceded Spanish citizenship following her striking choice to contend without a hijab, opposing Iran’s strict Islamic clothing standards. Khadem’s actions resulted in an arrest warrant issued against her in her homeland, prompting her to seek refuge in Spain.

Sara Khadem

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Who is Sara Khadem?

Sara Khadem, brought into the world in 1997 in Iran, is a talented chess player who earned international recognition for her skills on the chessboard. In late December 2022, she took part in the FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships held in Kazakhstan. what recognized her appearance in the competition was her conscious demonstration of playing without wearing the mandatory headscarf required under Iran’s strict dress regulations.

In Iran, Law enforcing the compulsory wearing of the hijab have been a source of tension and resistance for years. The hijab is viewed as a fundamental component of modesty and adherence to Islamic principles for ladies. However, numerous people, especially ladies, have been challenging this imposition, viewing it as a symbol of oppression and a restriction on personal freedom.

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The unrest and protests in Iran were additionally powered by the heartbreaking demise of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in custody of the morality police in mid-September. Amini’s demise ignited nationwide protests, prompting to widespread demonstrations against Iran’s leadership and demanding greater freedoms and democratic reforms.

Khadem’s choice to contend without a hijab during the chess championship in Kazakhstan grabbed the eye of Iranian authorities. Accordingly, an arrest warrant was issued against her, making it clear that she could not safely return to her homeland without facing potential consequences.

In January 2023, Khadem pursued the hard decision to leave Iran and seek refuge in Spain to ensure her safety and continue her chess career without fear of persecution. Upon her appearance in Spain, she applied for refuge, making sense of her circumstance and explanations behind looking for citizenship in the country.

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Spain, recognizing the exceptional circumstances surrounding Khadem’s case and her dedication to supporting the protest movement against Iran’s clerical leadership, decided to grant her citizenship. The Spanish cabinet formally approved her citizenship on Tuesday, as reported by Spain’s official gazette.

Throughout her journey, Sara Khadem showed faithful assurance and boldness in chasing after her energy for chess and pushing for the privileges and opportunities of people in Iran. Her act of defiance garnered support from various individuals and groups worldwide, who saw her as a symbol of resistance against oppressive practices.

Khadem’s actions have drawn attention to the struggles faced by women in Iran and the importance of protecting their rights and freedoms. The enforcement of mandatory hijab-wearing has been a contentious issue, and Khadem’s stance has highlighted the need for a more inclusive and progressive approach to women’s rights in the country.

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