Russian Food Influencer Maxim Lyutyi Jailed for Starving Newborn Son to Death

A Russian influencer, Maxim Lyutyi, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for the death of his one-month-old son, Kosmos. Lyutyi known for extreme dietary beliefs and extreme parenting methods faced the court’s judgment for the intentional infliction of serious bodily harm on his infant son.

Russian Food Influencer Maxim Lyutyi Jailed for Starving Newborn Son to Death

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Maxim Lyutyi, a 44-year-old influencer, advocated for a strict vegan lifestyle and promoted a raw food diet on social media platforms.

He believed in the concept of “prana-eating,” which involved consuming spiritual energy-infused foods and sunlight.

Maxim Lyutyi’s son, Kosmos, was born at home as he refused to allow his partner, Oksana Mironova, to go to a maternity hospital.

Maxim Lyutyi was found guilty of intentionally subjecting his newborn son to a strict diet that deprived him of essential nutrients, leading to malnutrition and ultimately, his untimely demise.

Kosmos born at home as Maxim Lyutyi refused to take his wife to a maternity hospital was forced into a strictly vegan ‘prana’ diet, which addressed spiritual energy-infused foods and sunlight as sustenance.

The influencer barred his partner, Oksana Mironova, from breastfeeding the child and disregarded traditional medical care opting for extreme methods such as cold baths to purportedly strengthen the baby.

Lyutyi pleaded guilty to the charges of negligence leading to the death of his son, addressing his love for the child.

Despite attempting to shift blame onto his partner initially Lyutyi confessed to his role in the demise of Kosmos.

The court sentenced Lyutyi to eight years in a high-security prison for ‘intentional infliction of serious bodily harm,’ along with a fine.

Oksana Mironova, the child’s mother, faced coercion and manipulation from Lyutyi, who enforced his extreme dietary beliefs and prevented her from nourishing the baby.

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Mironova’s family expressed regret and sorrow over her entanglement in what they described as a “sect,” with her mother saying that her daughter’s isolation and subjugation under Lyutyi’s influence.

Kosmos just one month old died of malnutrition and pneumonia while being rushed to the hospital in Sochi.

Despite the desperate attempts to save him the infant’s condition deteriorated due to the extreme dietary regimen imposed by his father.

Maxim Lyutyi enforced a strict sunshine diet on his son, depriving him of essential nutrition and relying on sunlight for nourishment.

He prohibited Mironova from breastfeeding the child, believing that sunlight would suffice for the baby’s needs. Lyutyi subjected Kosmos to cold baths in an attempt to strengthen him rejecting traditional medical care.

Maxim Lyutyi initially attempted to blame his partner for their son’s death but pleaded guilty to the charges of negligence.

He expressed remorse during his court appearance admitting that he would have sought medical help if he had known about his son’s premature birth and his partner’s health condition.

The loss of Kosmos has devastated the family with Mironova’s mother expressing regret for not intervening earlier.

She described her daughter’s isolation under Maxim Lyutyi’s manipulative influence referring to her as a “slave” to his extreme beliefs.

Prosecutors sought an eight-and-a-half-year prison sentence for Maxim Lyutyi along with a fine. Mironova, too, received a non-custodial sentence of two years of “correctional labor.”

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