The Honda Prelude is making a comeback. Announced in October 2023 at the Tokyo Mobility Show, this new iteration of the Prelude combines classic charm with modern hybrid technology. While Honda has confirmed the Prelude for Europe, US availability remains uncertain.

Honda Prelude

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The Honda Prelude’s return was first announced at the Tokyo Mobility Show, where the concept car was revealed.

Contrary to initial speculation that the Prelude would be a pure EV, it has been confirmed as a hybrid.

Honda has confirmed that the Honda Prelude will be available in Europe, but US availability is still uncertain. The red Honda Prelude concept will be showcased at this prestigious event from July 11-14, 2024.

The new Honda Prelude concept is displayed in a vibrant red differing from the original white concept. This color choice gives it a sportier appearance with red brake calipers and a subtle carbon fiber body kit with a discreet rear spoiler.

The concept retains the black 20-inch wheels from the previous design and features regular side mirrors, a typical sign of a production-ready vehicle.

Honda has not yet revealed the interior, maintaining an air of mystery around this aspect of the car.

The Honda Prelude is expected to share its chassis and powertrain with the Civic and Accord hybrids. This includes a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine paired with two electric motors, likely having a combined output similar to the Civic’s 200 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque.

Chief engineer Tomoyuki Yamagami has addressed that while the Prelude will have a balance of driving dynamics and fuel efficiency, it won’t be the sportiest car in Honda’s lineup.

The Honda Prelude will feature Honda’s ehybrid system showcasing 25 years of hybrid technology development.

Honda has confirmed that the Honda Prelude will go on sale in Europe with a production model expected to hit the roads in 2025.

While there is strong interest and potential for the Prelude in the US market, Honda has yet to officially confirm its availability in North America.

The new Honda Prelude has a sleek, elegant design with a long, low-slung bonnet. The headlights are integrated into the bonnet-width grille and pushed to the corners.

The minimalist aesthetic is carried through to the interior focusing on simplicity and functionality. The design is influenced by the clean, aero-honed surfaces of gliders.

The car sits on custom 20-inch alloy wheels enhancing its sporty appearance. A small blue strip on the leading edge of the front bumper hints at its electrified powertrain.

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The interior is designed around the driver’s needs with simplicity and ease of use. In line with Honda’s “man maximum/machine-minimum” philosophy, the interior features physical knobs and buttons for essential functions like air conditioning and radio.

The Honda Prelude is expected to feature a touchscreen infotainment system up to 9.0 inches in size and a 10-inch digital instrument cluster.

The Honda Prelude will utilize a variation of the Civic’s e petrol-hybrid system combining a 2.0-litre petrol engine with a pair of electric motors.

In its Civic configuration, this setup delivers 181 horsepower and achieves an official fuel economy of 56.5 mpg.

The car will feature a lightweight aluminium subframe, a wide rear track and double-wishbone front suspension for handling and stability.

Honda’s CEO, Toshihiro Mibe addressed the Prelude’s role in showing the company’s hybrid technology balancing high efficiency with driving enjoyment.

Project lead Tomoyuki Yamagami highlighted the focus on engine sound and vibration to enhance the driving experience.

Honda plans to attract younger drivers with the Prelude’s modern design and dynamic performance. The Prelude will be the only front-driven coupé on sale in the UK, filling a niche left vacant by models like the Volkswagen Scirocco and Audi TT.

The original Honda Prelude was launched 45 years ago and the new model plans to continue its legacy of blending style with advanced technology.

This year is 25 years since Honda introduced its first mass-produced hybrid in 1999.

The Honda Prelude is a testament to Honda’s 25 years of pioneering hybrid research starting with the Insight and followed by models like the Civic IMA, CR-Z, and the NSX.

Honda plans to have 100% of its new vehicle sales be battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell by 2040.

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