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Google Launches AR Beauty Ads for Shoppers and Brands

Augmented reality (AR) is an avenue that has emerged as a powerful tool in the marketing landscape. Google has recently unveiled an advertising medium AR Beauty ads. These innovative ads are set to revolutionize the beauty industry, offering consumers an interactive and immersive experience while reshaping the way brands showcase their products.

AR Beauty Ads for Shoppers and Brands

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Augmented reality, the technology that overlays digital information and objects onto the physical world, has gained momentum in recent years. This rise is not solely due to hype but is by real-world results.

According to data from Shopify, AR ads consistently outperform traditional display ads, with 3D AR ads generating a staggering 94% higher conversion rate than their static, 2D counterparts.

Additionally, a report by Snap and Deloitte highlights that brands offering AR experiences are 41% more likely to be considered by customers.

Furthermore, nearly three in four shoppers have expressed a willingness to pay more for a product that they can explore through AR. These statistics underscore the potential of AR in advertising, making it a game-changer in the industry.

Google has taken a step in harnessing the power of AR for advertising with the introduction of AR Beauty ads.

These ads are a part of Google’s efforts to provide users with engaging and interactive experiences while shopping for beauty products.

This advertising format allows brands to promote lip and eye products, with plans to expand to foundation products in the near future.

Traditionally, online shoppers relied on product images to visualize how a particular cosmetic product might appear on them.

However, AR Beauty ads take this to the next level. In place of static product images, these ads offer a dynamic tool that enables consumers to virtually try on different lip and eye products.

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Users can visualize how these products look on themselves or on a model that resonates with their own preferences. This approach that offers consumers a more immersive and personalized shopping experience.

These AR Beauty ads are integrated into Google’s mobile-specific channels, where Google Shopping ads usually appear.

This includes prominent platforms like the Shopping tab on, Google Search, and Google Images.

This strategic placement ensures that these innovative ads reach a vast audience, increasing their impact. The functionality of AR Beauty ads lies in their ability to offer consumers a “virtual try-on” experience.

When a user encounters an AR Beauty ad, they can interact with it to visualize how different beauty products will look on themselves.

This experience is designed to be user-friendly and engaging, ensuring that the customer remains captivated.

When a user clicks on an AR Beauty ad, they are presented with a tool that allows them to try on various lip and eye products.

These products are not displayed on a static model. Instead, the user has the flexibility to choose whether they want to see how the product appears on themselves or on a model whose characteristics align with their preferences.

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Additionally, these AR Beauty ads provide product information such as descriptions and pricing. Google has also streamlined the purchasing process, ensuring that consumers can seamlessly transition from trying on a product to making a purchase.

Google’s commitment to offering a holistic experience doesn’t stop with lip and eye products. They have plans to expand this virtual try-on capability to foundation products, enabling consumers to find their ideal foundation shade through a digital experience.

The introduction of AR Beauty ads is not only a win for consumers but also a game-changer for beauty brands.

This innovative advertising format empowers beauty brands to showcase their products in a more interactive and engaging manner. The traditional static product image is replaced by a dynamic and immersive virtual try-on experience.

Google’s AR Beauty ads align with the beauty industry’s growing recognition of the power of AR in marketing.

Over 50 major beauty brands have already embraced virtual try-ons through AR on Google, including industry giants like L’Oréal, MAC Cosmetics, and Fenty Beauty.

Google’s continued commitment to AR advertising expands the horizons for beauty brands, offering them a platform to connect with consumers in novel ways.

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