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Eurostar Cancels Trains Due to Flooded UK Tunnels

Eurostar faces flooding in a tunnel that caused cancellation of all Saturday services to and from London St Pancras. This coupled with strikes and severe weather conditions, has left passengers scrambling to rearrange their plans just ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Eurostar Cancels Trains Due to Flooded UK Tunnels

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Eurostar, a link connecting London to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam, had initially hoped that later services could run despite the flooding in a tunnel near Ebbsfleet International station.

However, as the situation failed to improve, the decision was made to cancel all 41 trains scheduled for the day. Southeastern’s high-speed services to Ebbsfleet were also affected.

Among the affected passengers are newlyweds Nicole and Christopher Carrera, who had planned a New Year’s Eve trip to Disneyland Paris.

Their dreams were shattered, and rebooking for Sunday, they expressed disappointment as they would arrive late in the evening, altering their original plans.

Passengers were left stranded and frustrated, with many sharing their experiences of uncertainty and chaos at St Pancras International station.

The affected customers were assured of a full refund or exchange for their travel plans. The operator acknowledged that this time for passengers, especially at the end of the festive season, and assured support at the stations.

HS1, the operator of the track, reported that engineers worked through the night to remove water from the flooded tunnel.

However, the volume of water leading to challenges in resolving the issue. Pumps and tankers were deployed to the site, and the water levels were gradually reducing.

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Southeastern Railway, which operates high-speed services in the affected areas, faced disruptions due to the flooding.

The managing director, Steve White, admitted the absence of a clear timescale for resolving the issue, leaving passengers uncertain about their travel plans.

Separately, Thameslink services and Northern Rail also experienced disruptions, with staff shortages and flooding affecting their operations.

The Eurostar cancellations coincide with weather challenges across the UK. The Met Office issued yellow warnings for wind, rain, and snow in various regions.

Speed restrictions were imposed on the West Highland Line, and Glasgow Airport reported delays due to snow on the runway.

The disruptions follow in the wake of Storm Gerrit, which left thousands without power and caused damage across the country.

The Eurostar disruptions made international headlines, with CNN highlighting the flooded railway tunnels forcing the cancellation of services linking Britain to Europe.

The report addressed the impact on New Year travelers and cited the UK’s Meteorological Office warnings for severe weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind.

With flights at Glasgow Airport experiencing delays due to weather conditions. In Wales, train services were due to severe weather.

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