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Eastern DR Congo: 48 Lives Lost in Anti-UN Protest

Once more the Republic of Congo (DRC), especially its eastern district, has been dove into unrest as an unfortunate incident unfurled. In Goma, the capital of North Kivu region, a conflict between Congolese soldiers and protesters from a religious sect protesting against the United Nations (UN) peacekeepers resulted in the loss of at least 48 lives.

This tragic incident has raised worries about the continuous brutality, the role of the UN in the region, and the urgent need for a thorough investigation to hold those responsible accountable.
Congo: 48 Lives Lost in Anti-UN Protest

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In Goma, Congolese soldiers responded to a planned demonstration by a religious sect known as the “Natural Judaic and Messianic Faith Towards the Nations.” The sect had called for protests against the UN peacekeepers and sought the departure of peacekeeping forces. This underlying crackdown denoted the start of a terrible series of events.

What at first started as a protest quickly escalated into violence. Reports indicated that a police officer was lynched by sect members, setting a grim tone for the events that followed.

The circumstance spiraled out of control, leading to the loss of lives. Shockingly, an internal army document revealed that the death toll reached 48 people, in addition to the slain policeman. Furthermore, 75 individuals were left wounded, highlighting the severity of the incident.

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In the outcome of the crackdown, the Congolese soldiers arrested 168 individuals, including the leader of the religious sect.

This development brought up issues about the sect’s motivations, its influence, and the possible repercussions of their actions. Understanding the sect’s beliefs and objectives is essential to comprehend the context of the protest and the subsequent crackdown.

The United Nations has kept a critical presence in the eastern district of the DRC through its peacekeeping mission, known as MONUSCO.

With a yearly financial plan of around $1 billion, MONUSCO is one of the biggest and costliest UN missions internationally.

However, it has faced criticism from various quarters for its perceived inability to prevent conflicts and protect civilians in the region. The discontent towards MONUSCO has been a recurring theme in the DRC.

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To understand the continuous violence and pressures in the eastern DRC, it is essential to dive into the historical context. The region has been plagued by militia violence for over three decades, a legacy of regional wars that erupted in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Exploring the roots of these conflicts sheds light on the complexities of the situation and the challenges faced by peacekeeping efforts.

While the UN’s peacekeeping mission is pointed toward settling the region and promoting peace, it has faced significant obstacles and criticism. The perceived passivity of peacekeepers and their inability to curb violence have led to calls for a reevaluation of the UN’s approach.

Understanding the difficulties looked by the UN in its endeavors to determine clashes in the DRC is fundamental for surveying its viability.

The disastrous incident in Goma has triggered an international response. The United Nations has demanded an “independent” probe into the events, emphasizing the importance of accountability and justice. The international community’s reaction highlights the significance of addressing the incident transparently and thoroughly.

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