A stabbing attack happened at the Zhenxiong People’s Hospital in Yunnan province, China. The incident occurred at 11:37 local time, resulted in a toll, at least 5 lives lost and 21 individuals wounded.

China: 2 Dead and 21 Injured in Hospital Knife Attack

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The attack reported by multiple news outlets including Xinhua and CNN, occurred shortly before midday local time on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses described terror as a lone assailant, armed with knives, launched a frenzied assault on unsuspecting victims within the hospital premises.

Images captured by The Paper, a state-run news outlet, depicted the sight of a man brandishing a knife in a hospital lobby, while police officers rushed to the scene.

Authorities responded with local law enforcement agencies mobilizing to apprehend the suspect. According to reports, the alleged attacker identified as a male from a nearby village in Zhenxiong County was taken into custody for further investigation.

Authorities have yet to confirm whether the individual in custody is indeed the perpetrator responsible for the violent rampage.

The toll of the tragedy as outlined by official statements from Zhenxiong County’s public security bureau stands at 5 fatalities and 21 wounded individuals.

While initial reports had suggested a higher number of injuries, authorities later revised the figure downwards.

The injured victims are currently receiving medical treatment at nearby hospitals, their conditions ranging from moderate to critical.

Despite strict regulations prohibiting private gun ownership, the country has struggled with a surge in knife attacks.

Yunnan province where Tuesday’s attack occurred has been the site of previous violent incidents including a 2014 knife attack at a train station in Kunming that left 33 dead and 133 wounded.

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The motive behind the hospital attack remains unclear, as authorities continue their investigation into the perpetrator’s background and possible motives.

The assailant described as a man clad in black brandishing knives in both hands plunged the hospital into chaos.

The severity of the situation became evident. Despite police response, the suspect’s identity remained in uncertainty.

Reports initially indicated 23 casualties, but updates revised the count downwards. The wounded struggling with physical and psychological trauma were rushed to nearby medical facilities for urgent treatment.

Authorities scrambled to restore order with police vehicles swarming the scene and officers mobilizing to contain the unfolding.

Residents were urged to exercise caution, barricading themselves indoors amidst the atmosphere of apprehension.

The Zhenxiong County People’s Hospital, typically a sanctuary of healing transformed into a scene of horror. The assailant’s motives remained elusive.

China has witnessed a troubling surge in knife attacks in recent years. The ban on firearms while ostensibly a measure of public safety has failed to curb the proliferation of such lethal weapons.

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