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Anti-LGBTQ+ Protesters Disrupt Pride Event in Tbilisi, Georgia

On Saturday, a Pride festival in Tbilisi, Georgia, was fiercely upset by an estimated 2,000 anti-LGBTQ+ protestors. The protestors conflicted with the police, destroyed props, including rainbow flags and notices, and made a chaotic environment.

The organizers of the event blamed the authorities for actively colluding with the protesters to undermine the festival. However, a government minister claimed that policing such an open area was challenging. This incident highlights the continuous difficulties faced by LGBTQ+ community in Georgia and raises worries about the protection of their rights.

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LGBTQ+ Protesters Disrupt Pride Event in Tbilisi, Georgia

What Happened in LGBTQ+ Pride festival

The Pride festival, organized by Tbilisi Pride, was held in a shut venue close to a lake. The event aimed to give a safe place for to LGBTQ+ people and promote inclusivity and acceptance. The far-right groups and anti-LGBTQ+ activists openly incited violence against the event in the days leading up to it.

Regardless of these dangers, the police and interior ministry didn’t investigate or take adequate measures to prevent the disruption. The festival participants were eventually evacuated to ensure their safety.

Tbilisi Pride chief, Mariam Kvaratskhelia, condemned the authorities for their perceived collusion with the radical groups. She guaranteed that the disruption was a preplanned and coordinated activity between the government and these groups.

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Top Sources Related to LGBTQ+ in Georgia (For R&D)

Kvaratskhelia told that the goal behind the incident was to disrupt Georgia’s candidacy for the European Union. Nonetheless, specific evidence supporting these claims has not been provided.

Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Darakhvelidze acknowledged the protesters’ ability to enter the event area but stated that the authorities successfully evacuated the participants and organizers without any harm. He attributed the trouble in policing the event to its open area.

Tbilisi Pride organizers criticized the response of the police, expressing that they didn’t effectively block access to the venue or utilize proportionate power against the protestors. The lack of adequate protection from law enforcement officials has been a longstanding concern for LGBTQ+ rights groups in Georgia.

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LGBTQ+ Rights Problem in Georgia

While Georgia has passed regulations against hate crimes and violations, homophobia stays prevalent in the socially safe South Caucasus nation.LGBTQ+ rights activists argue that law enforcement officials often fail to provide sufficient protection, exacerbating the challenges faced by marginalized communities.

Past incidents, for example, the attack on journalists and LGBTQ+ activists in Tbilisi two years ago, underscore the persistent threats and violence faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

Georgia has expressed aspirations to join the European Union, but the ruling Georgian Dream party has faced criticism from rights groups and the EU itself for its perceived authoritarian drift. The withdrawal of a controversial bill that would have required NGOs to enroll as “agents of foreign influence” after mass protests in March additionally featured worries about democratic backsliding.

The disruption of the Pride festival and the conflict between the government and far-right groups raise questions about the commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and democratic values in the country.

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