Aliens Found in Peru are Dolls Made with Animal Bones

The extraterrestrial figures seized by Peru officials last year have been debunked as nothing more than dolls. The forensic experts from Peru’s prosecutor’s office presented their findings, revealing that the artifacts were made with a combination of paper, glue, metal, and human and animal bones.

Peru alien are Dolls Made with Animal Bones

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The revelation has put an end to the speculations surrounding the mysterious objects and dispelled the belief that they originated from an alien center or another planet.

The controversy surrounding these alleged extraterrestrial beings began when Mexican journalist José Jaime Maussan presented two boxes with supposed mummies to the Mexican Congress in September.

The artifacts were said to have been found near ancient Nazca Lines and were claimed to be non-human beings not part of Earth’s history.

Forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada, who led the analysis conducted by prosecutor’s office, addressed the media on January 12, 2024, unveiling the findings that shattered the extraterrestrial narrative.

According to Estrada, the objects, including two doll-like figures and a three-fingered hand, were crafted using paper, glue, metal, and a combination of human and animal bones.

The conclusive findings refute the belief that these figures originated from an alien center or another planet.

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Estrada stated that the dolls were assembled with materials readily available on Earth and that they were not created during pre-Hispanic times.

The analysis dispels the myth surrounding these figures, confirming that they are not extraterrestrials or aliens, as previously claimed.

This is not the first time Maussan has presented controversial claims regarding extraterrestrial discoveries. In 2017, similar assertions were made, leading to an investigation by the Peruvian prosecutor’s office, which concluded that alleged alien bodies were, in fact, recently manufactured dolls.

During the press conference, Estrada addressed the importance of distinguishing between science and pseudo-science.

He discredited the assertions made by those promoting extraterrestrial theories, saying that they is a lack of evidence supporting such claims.

While the analysis has provided clarity on the nature of the objects, the prosecutor’s office has yet to determine the ownership of the figures.

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Officials confirmed that a Mexican citizen was the recipient before customs agents seized the objects in October.

The investigation into how these figures were transported from Peru to Mexico after their seizure remains ongoing.

The claims made by Maussan and some Mexican lawmakers garnered attention and, in some cases. The nature of the assertions, with the debunking by Peruvian forensic experts, questions about the responsibility of disseminating information.

As space exploration and interest in alien life continue to capture public imagination, instances like these remained the need for evidence-based investigations to separate genuine discoveries from sensationalized narratives.

Estrada addressed the cultural importance of historical achievements, such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, addressing that these accomplishments were achieved without the need for alien assistance.

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