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Abby Choi murder case: Who is Abby Choi and What happened to her

Abby Choi is a model and an influencer from Hong Kong. It was reported that she was missing from February 21, and on Sunday February 26 she was set up dead. Her ex-husband and former in- laws were put in custody without bail on Monday. The motive to kill would be numerous financial controversies and police suspect Choi’s murder was linked to a disagreement with the family over a luxury property.

Police set up Abby Choi’s deconstructed body in refrigerator in the rural village home in Tai Po, a suburban part of Hong Kong closer to the border with mainland china. Abby Choi leaves behind 2 sons and 2 daughters who’ll be placed in Abby Choi’s mama’s care.

Abby Choi murder case

The Hong Kong authorities have found two legs in the Fridge, Abby Choi’s ID card, credit card and other in the house. Authorities have also found several tools including meat grinders, Chainsaws, long mackintoshes, gloves and masks suggesting the murder was planned.

The Plan to murder was connected to Choi’s plan top sell property in an upmarket neighborhood she had bought, but it was placed in her former father- in- law’s name to save taxes. It’s said that Abby Choi’s hubby’s family lived on that property. Human tissues was set up in pots of soup, latterly there discovered Abby Choi’s head in a soup pot under radishes and carrots, They also set up a hole in Choi’s head behind her right ear, it was caused by a hard object.

Abby Choi’s Personal Life Details (For R&D)

Her Torso and hands are still missing and investigators sweat they were thrown down. Abby Choi’s former father- in- law and his eldest son are being charged with murder, while herex-mother in law faces one count of perverting the course of justice. Police have now also arrested Choi’sex-husband, Alex Kwong who tried to leave the megacity by motorboat, and since arrest, was taken to medical center saying he felt unwell. The defendants haven’t yet entered their pleas, and it doesn’t appear that their attorneys have reflected on the case to the media. The case was suspended until May.

Who is Abby Choi?

Abby Choi is a 28 time old model with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, her last post as February 19, featuring a photo shoot she had with Fashion magazine L’official Monacco.

Abby Choi murder case

Abby Choi was born on 11th July 1994 in Hong Kong in a Chinese Family. Abby Choi grew up in a family were, is father was a prominent businessman and her mama was a fashion designer. Abby Choi completed her academy and college education, but she’s very deeply interested in the fashion industry, She pursed her career in fashion and became a successful model and social media influence.

Abby Choi is also known for her sense of style and her glamorous life, which she proved on her Instagram account. She was 5 bases height, she has shiny brown eyes and hair, She had a net worth of1.80 million US dollars. Abby Choi had four children, two sons ages 10 and 3, and two daughters ages 8 and 6. Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok and his woman were devastated over the death of Abby Choi, who was close musketeers and offered condolences, describing her as a good friend.

Abby Choi’s current hubby has stated that, he’d take care of her family and take care of the children, including his two step- children. Abby Choi’s mama also made tributes to her eldest daughter and talked about her good memories she participated with her daughter.

Thousands of fans and internet users worldwide offered condolence for the Abby Choi, some fans from China stated that the killer deserves a death penalty for murdering Abby Choi, and were dissatisfied at the fact that it wasn’t applicable in Hong Kong despite China’s continued use of capital punishment for severe crimes. The dismembered body parts of Abby Choi were recovered and also made plans to perform rituals to calm the spirit of the departed, due to the terrible and woeful nature of her death.

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