The US has introduced AI-powered ammunition vending machines that dispense bullets. Installed in various stores across Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas. These machines are designed to provide ammunition 24/7 leveraging advanced technology for convenience and security.

US Introduces Ammunition Vending Machines in Grocery Stores

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The ammunition vending machines have been installed in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas with another expected in Colorado. American Rounds, an ammunition distribution company is responsible for these vending machines.

The plan is to offer a hassle-free, round-the-clock purchasing experience for ammunition especially catering to the hunting community.

The ammunition vending machines use 360-degree facial recognition and card scanning capabilities to verify the buyer’s age and identity.

According to American Rounds, these machines are the safest and most secure method for purchasing ammunition in the country.

The ammunition vending machines operate around the clock allowing customers to purchase ammunition outside of standard store hours.

The ammunition vending machines are equipped with AI technology, ID card scanners and facial recognition software to verify the buyer’s identity and age (over 18).

Customers use a touchscreen to select the type of ammunition they want, then scan their ID to complete the transaction.

These ammunition vending machines are restocked every two to four weeks to ensure a continuous supply of ammunition.

First machine installed at Fresh Value grocery store in Pell City in Alabama. In Oklahoma, machines installed at Super C Marts. In Texas, machine installed at Lowe’s Market in Canyon Lake.

Colorado is planning to install at LaGrees Food Stores in Buena Vista. Over 200 store requests for installation across nine states with interest growing daily.

American Rounds relocated the machine from Tuscaloosa, Alabama due to low sales at that specific location.

The company addresses support for “law-abiding, responsible gun ownership” and aims to prevent underaged purchases and theft.

The ammunition vending machines are authorized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and adhere to legal requirements.

Some officials like Tuscaloosa City Council President Kip Tyner initially thought reports of these machines were a joke.

The ammunition vending machines have been confirmed as lawful by Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley. The machine in Tuscaloosa was removed after legality concerns and low sales prompted a business decision to relocate it.

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Alabama is the fourth-highest rate of gun deaths in the US with 25.5 deaths per 100,000 people in 2022. The Biden administration has declared gun safety a public health crisis advocating for stricter gun laws.

President Joe Biden has pushed for universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines facing opposition from Republicans.

Andrew Whaley, a cybersecurity expert from Promon expressed concerns about vulnerabilities. Whaley highlighted the risk of cybercriminals exploiting weaknesses in the system possibly bypassing security measures.

Bugs in the technology could lead to incorrect transactions either denying legitimate purchases or permitting illegal ones.

Whaley recommends regular security audits, penetration testing, strict access controls, detailed access logs and physical security measures such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

Grant Magers, CEO of American Rounds defended the machines, stating they are safer than traditional retail methods. He addressed that personal data is never stored, shared, or sold.

While many comments under the promotional video were positive, some viewers expressed concerns calling the technology deeply dystopian.

The installation was in response to customer requests from Fresh Value stores due to the high demand from the hunting community.

The company plans to expand to Louisiana and other states with over 200 requests already received for machine installations.

The ammunition vending machines are described as being as easy to use as an ATM promising a smooth transaction process every time.

The right to purchase and bear arms is protected under the US Constitution. A Pew Research Center study revealed that about a third of US adults own a gun for personal protection, hunting, sport shooting and collecting.

A report by Everytown for Gun Safety ranked Alabama fourth in gun-related violence in 2024 with Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas also appearing high on the list.

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