Tesla's cyber truck: It's Interiors, Exteriors and other Features

In 2019 Tesla revealed their much anticipated cyber truck. Even though it looks like something out of science fiction film. The cyber truck is ready for the release in 2023 and when it releases, it will shake up the pickup truck market today. It is the most anticipated vehicle to be released in the 2023.

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How will the performance of Tesla's cyber truck will be?

The cyber truck comes in three different performance configurations, the single motor rear wheel drive, the dual motor and the tri-motor. The single motor rear wheel drive will be able to get from 0 to 60 miles in 6.5 seconds with an estimated 250 miles on a single charge and in pickup style, this version of the cyber truck will be able to tow over 7,500 pounds. Then there is the dual motor hitting 0 to 60 miles in 4.5 seconds and able to tow weights that are over 10,o00 pounds. Finally, the tri-motor which is by far the most powerful cyber truck hit 60 miles in 2.9 seconds, this cyber truck configuration will also be able to tow up to 14,000 pounds at about 500 miles on a single charge. These versions will come with independent rear steering wheels meaning that you can steer all 4 wheels, making it easier to travel in all kinds of terrain but that’s not all, Tesla will also offer each owner the option to upgrade to its new autonomous FSD or fully self driving feature at an added cost.

How will the Exterior will look in the Tesla's cyber truck?

When it was first announced, the cyber truck received mixed feelings, mostly because of how it is shaped. Nobody outside of Tesla knew at the time that it’s angular look and basic body panel lines were that way, because the exterior material was too hard to shape and break the giga factory stamping press, if they tried to give it a different shape and if you are wondering why Tesla doesn’t just change the material so they can make differently shaped Cyber trucks, you are probably not the first person. There are various different reasons for using that material. The exterior shell is made out of a stainless steel alloy named the ultra hard 30x cold rolled stainless steel, which was created by Tesla initially for their SpaceX starship shell. It is said to be bullet proof, strong, resistant to corrosion and be able to withstand temperatures in both the hot and cold extremes. With such a strong body the cyber truck may be the safest pickup for passengers in collision accidents. Elon musk announced that the starship would be using 304L stainless steel. So we can expect cyber truck to move in that direction in the future, additionally, Since its release independent studies of the design have revealed that the truck shape is aerodynamically significant as well, giving the cyber truck a drag co-efficient of around 0.39, which is impressive because most pickup trucks feature in the 0.45 to 0.55 range. So there might be a method to the madness behind this sci-fi look.

How will the Interior be in Tesla's cyber truck?

Its dashboard is made of compressed paper and the finish is made to have a lavish marble appearance, This aligns with Tesla’s commitment to sustainability following in the proverbial footsteps of the model 3, which was announced to be moving to a completely leather free interior. Ultimately Tesla hopes to have all its vehicles made of sustainable interior materials in the future. The cyber trucks interior comes with the luxuriously minimalist dashboard, only hosts a 17-inch center touchscreen with controls for every truck’s function. The Yolk style steering wheel shares its design pedigree with the model S plaid and will have similar functionalities built in by way of two control wheels in terms of space and number of passengers. The cyber truck can seat six people with a spacious cargo hold at the back. One of the unique features of the cyber truck is the cargo hold cover, which is also made out of armor glass that is so strong that it can hold the full weight of a person standing over it. Tesla might host a solar panel in the future to self charge the truck, that would be a neat use of the feature for sure.

Are mirrors there in Tesla's cyber truck?

Even though cyber truck has all these incredible features. It lacks some more traditional features. In Tesla’s cyber truck, there are no side mirrors and rear view mirrors, instead of mirrors the cyber trucks uses cameras and a screen to show you a live video feed of what is outside the vehicle, having no rear view mirror in favor of a camera is nothing new. But the absence of side mirrors is not yet allowed in the United States, put the version of the cyber truck that was displayed at the unveiling with no side mirrors can’t be driven in the United States at least until the regulations change. but that’s not the end for that design, in Europe however there is already the Audi e-Tron with cameras instead of mirrors. so the mirrorless cyber truck could be available there while the United States id still updating vehicle regulations, for now it seems like Tesla is waiting to hear what is final ruling will be on that before they make their mirrorless design official, so you can expect the first versions of the cyber truck rolling out of its Texas factory to have the side mirrors installed on them.

Does the Tesla's cyber truck has floating abilities?

Something that won’t need regulation change is a truck’s ability to float. Elon Musk has claimed that the cyber truck can drive through water and float during flooded conditions. when he called submarines underwater electric vehicles, he used that to back up his claim that Tesla cars can work as boats for short periods of time because they have no air intakes, much like submarines. With a video from Shanghai making the rounds sometime back featuring a Tesla model 3 traversing through flood waters. Elon Musk may be onto something with his claims. The cyber truck looks more like a utilitarian vehicle in this regard, especially with global warming causing many water related natural disasters worldwide.

What is supercharge feature in Tesla's cyber truck?

Another thing that makes Tesla unique is that, all of their vehicles are electric vehicles and the cyber truck is not about to change that. The cyber truck will be charged at Tesla supercharger stations still because of its size and power it is being built. Its own supercharging stations as the existing ones get a refurbishment as well. The new superchargers dubbed V3 have an impressive one megawatt cabinet that supports a rate of up to 250 kilowatts per vehicle and these aren’t even the cyber truck supercharges. For the cyber truck there has been mention of V4 superchargers which are expected to reach charging rates of up to 350 kilowatts, looks like Tesla is rightfully preparing for this powerful vehicle in all the ways that matter.

Battery of Tesla's cyber truck

To make sure that the cyber truck battery can withstand the power that the supercharger will provide, the cyber truck battery will have to be upgraded from what Tesla’s been using all long. The cyber truck battery will be massive with the entire pack at 200 to 250 kilowatts hours, doubling the current Tesla’s battery size. If you see the performance numbers from the above paragraphs, his huge battery will make perfect sense. For a machine as big as the cyber truck to function that way requires equally great power. But the power of the battery doesn’t have to be reflected physically, that’s why Tesla is experimenting with prototypes that could be significantly lighter in weight, but still have great energy, storage, range and an even greater increase in power up to six times to be exact. If this is successful, the reduction will make the cyber truck’s high power requirements a step closer to reality. 

Thermal Regulation in Tesla's cyber truck

With all improvements to make the battery more efficient, thermal regulation could be an enemy of such progress. This might be an obvious feature for any other vehicle owner, but for electric vehicles it can affect a single charger’s range with losses of up to 40% in cold whether. Tesla intends to guard against that by using a heat pump on the cyber truck making it the second vehicle after the model Y. The model Y heat pump works through a motorized octal valve to transfer and distribute coolant for thermal regulation of components and passengers. The cyber truck heat pump technology will be more efficient with its range unaffected even in cold weather when the heat is turned up frequently. This thermal management system is so sophisticated that it has been likened to that of a jet engine, meaning that once again Elon Musk is changing another industry. 

Other features in Tesla's cyber truck

There are still more features that we can expect from the cyber truck, include an improved air suspension with active ride height and active damping systems. For those who may not be familiar with these. Active ride height is a system that allows for a vehicle to vary its ground clearance, this can be done to give better ground clearance over rough terrain, which the cyber truck can expect to frequent like all other pickup trucks. The active damping system on the other hand is a feature that automatically adjusts suspension stiffness or softness in different driving situations or terrains, this feature can make a ride smoother by absorbing road bumps or make it more thrilling depending on how you drive. It is especially important for vehicles that are meant to be driven on all kinds of terrain because it gives the driver more control. There are other various other features of the cyber truck that will come out once the cars are actually delivered to the owners.