Zoom and other WFH tech services risk user exodus as the world reopens

Zoom and other WFH tech services risk user exodus as the world reopens

Many internet companies posted record performance during the pandemic as consumers turned to apps and other cloud software to work, study, socialize and shop from home. But as vaccines roll out and restrictions relax, some of this unprecedented digital demand is fading.Data from research firm Apptopia reveal how the superstar apps of the Covid-19 era are faring now in the US Plus, stats from New Zealand, a country that reopened earlier, show what the future might hold for these services.

Here’s the main takeaway: Many well-known apps are losing ground, or usage has stabilized. Some behaviours are sticking, though, suggesting the pandemic will provide a more-permanent boost for a few internet companies.Zoom Video Communications Inc.’s app has been so ubiquitous during the pandemic that it’s now a verb. Lately, though, workers complain of “Zoom fatigue,” and data from New Zealand are ominous. Usage has dropped in that country as employees and students return to offices and schools. Even in the US, where most offices remain virtual, Zoom use peaked in September. The company said recently it’s well-positioned for strong growth.

News Source: Hindustan times

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