With CAA in Focus, High-octane Campaigning Ends for Second Phase of Assembly Polls in Assam

With CAA in Focus, High-octane Campaigning Ends for Second Phase of Assembly Polls in Assam

A high-octane electoral campaign for the second phase of Assam assembly polls, spearheaded by an array of national and state leaders, came to an end on Tuesday evening. The second phase of state elections will decide the fate of 345 candidates in 39 seats going to polls on April one.

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) issue was at the forefront of the campaign, with the BJP, which had maintained a studied silence on it in the run up to the first phase of voting, raising it in the Barak Valley this time as a carrot to the predominantly Hindu Bengali population, some of whom have their roots in Bangladesh. While releasing the party manifesto for the Assam polls, BJP president JP Nadda had made a reference to the CAA, mentioning that it would be implemented in time.

Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah, in his election rallies at Patharkandi and Silchar, mentioned the controversial legislation, for the first time, assuring that citizenship rights will be given to refugees, while asserting at the same time that the BJP will not allow infiltrators to enter the state. The BJP was, particularly, strident in its attack on AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal accusing him of encouraging illegal infiltration, leading to encroachments and “land and love jihad” which the party has promised to tackle.

News Source : News 18

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