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Volta Trucks Unveils First Prototype Chassis For Zero Truck

Volta Trucks Unveils First Prototype Chassis For Zero Truck

UK-based Volta Trucks has showcased its first running prototype chassis that will offer the framework for its upcoming purpose-built chassis which is a 16-ton electric truck. The newly announced Volta Zero Truck prototype chassis has been designed and built to include a production specification frame and drivetrain components that the consumers will eventually see in the finished vehicle. Volta was founded in 2019 and has additional offices in Sweden and France apart from the UK. Its focus has been on its first commercial vehicle the Volta Zero and it has overall raised $260 million with a combination of pre-orders and funding. The company has seen higher than anticipated demand and in May announced a rapid expansion in nearly all areas of the business – including three new versions of the Volta Zero Truck. 

The reveal of our first running prototype Volta Zero chassis is a major milestone on our journey to producing the first customer-specification vehicles in around 18 months’ time. The prototype will provide our designers and engineers with feedback and real-world data on the vehicle performance. The learning from the prototype will also feed into the Pilot Fleet vehicles that will support our customer’s understanding of the electrification of their fleets. But this is also a great example of the nimble and agile culture and approach we have at Volta Trucks,” said CEO Essa Al-Saleh.

While traditional vehicle manufacturers take years to undertake market assessments, design processes and vehicle development, at Volta Trucks, we work at speed because we know that the world’s climate emergency cannot wait, and our customers need vehicles now. In six months, we have designed and developed a running prototype chassis and 18 months from now, we will be building series production vehicles for our customers. This is what they need, this is the speed they need us to work at, and this is what we’ll deliver,” he added.

As of now, it is on track to beginning production of the original 16-ton Volt Zero next year. 

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