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Varun Dhawan’s Plant-Based Protein Shake Is A Game Changer; Read To Know More

Varun Dhawan’s Plant-Based Protein Shake Is A Game Changer; Read To Know More

If you’ve forgotten to add some elements to balance your diet these days, worry not because once in a while, experts, coaches, nutritionists, and even actors can help remind us of that. Be it proteins or vitamins, posts by different health-conscious individuals are helping us keep up with our balanced diet plans through the months. Recently, we saw Varun Dhawan showing us his glass of protein shake but this one is quite special – this protein powder is completely plant-based. The actor was seen stirring a dollop of the protein powder with cold water in a glass. 


Instagram story Varun Dhawan

Then he showed us his video, as he gulped down the whole drink in one go. He wrote over the video that this protein was “light and easy to digest” and “extracted from yellow peas”. Surely, he is up to some health goals.


Varun Dhawan’s protein powder

Unlike whey, plant proteins are beneficial for weight loss along with strengthening the building blocks of our body. These powders are low in calories but beat the whey with higher fibre levels and more essential nutrients infused in them.

This wasn’t the first time that Varun flexed his preference for health drinks. After he was tested positive for COVID-19 last December, the actor took care to boost his immunity for a better recovery. He didn’t keep his secrets to himself and shared them on Instagram Stories. He showed us some supplements he took for respiratory system health along with doses of zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3. He told his followers that he mixed these supplements into a drink and took them at least once a week to up his immunity for post-COVID recovery.


Varun Dhawan’s on covid recovery

These nutrients that Varun pointed at are vital for a balanced diet. In times of COVID, it becomes all the more essential to incorporate these drinks into our food habits, and we can’t thank Varun enough for showing us the way towards healthier choices of what we drink.

Has Varun motivated you to switch to a plant-based protein drink? Let us know in the comments section.

News Source: NDTV News

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