Up in flames: Maha’s saga of forest fires

Up in flames: Maha’s saga of forest fires

Signs of fire are, in fact, conspicuous along the Murbad-Kalyan highway as one drives toward Shilottar in Thane’s Shahapur taluka.

Jamghare immediately alerted 38-year-old Adityavardhan Pathak, the farm-owner, who at the time was inspecting a crop of mangoes on the other end of the farm. Within minutes of receiving word, Pathak and three members of his staff bundled into a car and drove off to assess the blaze — its size, intensity and speed.

“The fire was initially coming from one direction, but it quickly spread outward. The farm is surrounded by woods on three sides and the grass is very dry this time of year. Before we knew it, there were ground-level fires coming at us from every direction,” said Pramod Lakde, a farm supervisor, who was present that day.

News Source : Hindustan times

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