Thanks To Fast And Furious, Vin Diesel Just Nabbed A Hollywood Record, But Not One To Be Proud Of

Thanks To Fast And Furious, Vin Diesel Just Nabbed A Hollywood Record, But Not One To Be Proud Of

The Fast & Furious movies have always been known for automotive action sequences. Whether it was at the beginning when the series was about street racing, or later when it became about…whatever in the world it’s about now. When you sit down with a Fast & Furious film you know you’re going to see awesome car chases, and even more awesome car crashes. And as it turns out, you’re going to see Vin Diesel specifically crash more cars than any actor in modern film history.

That’s the determination of Scrap Car Comparison, a website that is normally focused on helping you make money from your totaled vehicle, but stopped to take tallies of all the cars that get totalled in movies. In a recent blog post it compared the filmography of 25 movie stars to see which one is responsible for the most destroyed vehicles. The winner, perhaps unsurprisingly, was Vin Diesel, who over the course of his action movie career has destroyed 61 total cars, of which he was driving a whopping 57. This makes Diesel the most dangerous driver in Hollywood, as whenever he gets behind the wheel cars are about to be destroyed.

Vin Diesel apparently totals 30 cars in Fast Five alone, which by itself would be worthy of fifth place on this list, tying him with Keanu Reeves, who destroyed the same number of cars in six films, including three John Wick films. Matt Damon destroyed 30 of his total of 35 in the four Jason Bourne movies.

Vin Diesel barely edges out Bruce Willis in the virtual demolition derby, who, over the course of a career covering multiple franchises, has destroyed 60 vehicles, though he was only driving 35 of them. Other major names on the list include Arnold Schwarzenegger in the number three spot. Daniel Craig is number seven thanks to James Bond. Hobbs and Shaw, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, both tie for the tenth spot with 18 destroyed cars a piece.

News Source: Cinemablend

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