Tensions prevail in Delhi’s Tilak Nagar after death of Nigerian national

A Nigerian national died after he was allegedly assaulted by a Delhi Police personnel on Sunday morning.

Following the death, tensions persisted in the area as a crowd gathered outside the Tilak Nagar police station. Police personnel in large numbers have been deployed to control the situation.

Kin of the victim alleged that the Nigerian national died because of a lathi injury inflicted on him by a Delhi Police personnel in Tilak Nagar.

“Today morning, a Nigerian national was brought dead to DDU Hospital at around 3:30 am. The deceased used to live in Tilak Nagar. Two other Nigerian nationals who were with him alleged that he died because of a lathi injury on his head,” the police said.

“Earlier today, 3 Nigerian citizens were stopped by Delhi Police officials for verification in the Tilak Nagar area. While being asked to show their ID proof, the trio immediately ran away and the policemen ran after them. Kins later allege that he died because of a lathi injury,” the police added.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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