Swapnil Joshi: Releasing films right now is a catch-22 situation; no one knows what will happen

Swapnil Joshi: Releasing films right now is a catch-22 situation; no one knows what will happen

While there have already been a few releases since the cinema halls reopened in the state, Bali, featuring Swapnil Joshi, will be the first big film with a leading star from the Marathi industry to hit screens. Speaking to us, Swapnil says, “I am excited that we are doing this and am personally elated to be a part of this restarting phase for cinemas.” In the days following the government’s nod to reopen cinemas after the COVID-19 induced lockdown phase, many filmmakers were waiting to see what the reaction from viewers would be. Ask Swapnil what prompted them to decide on the release in April and he shares, “Someone needs to take a step forward. I feel bigger producers have the power to draw viewers to the screens and the moolah to back their films in such trying times. That’s why we decided to take the plunge.”

The Duniyadari actor was one of the first ones from the industry to begin work post the lockdown restrictions was eased and he even completed shooting for a web series in the last few months. It must’ve been a case of mixed feelings out there, we feel, and Swapnil agrees. “It was a disturbing and uncertain phase for all of us. Everyone involved in a creative process likes to be in control of the situation. We hate surprises which is why there are multiple backup plans in place, just in case something goes haywire. But COVID-19 was something none of us expected to hit everyone so hard. Whether we’d be shooting or not the next day would be confirmed only the previous night. There was always this taangti talvar that something may happen and the entire plan would go for a toss. That said, though it was an emotionally stressful time, we managed to sail through without any untoward instances,” he says.
Swapnil has been experimenting with various genres in the recent past and is not restricting himself to romantic films or family dramas. However, his audience is used to watching him in such roles so he tries to bring an essence of those in whatever he does. “Bali is predominantly a horror film, but there will be some family drama involved in it. We are essentially combining director Vishal Furia’s forte- horror- with mine – dramas,” he says, adding, “For me, it’s like being relaunched, not just because of the genre, but also because of this prolonged gap in the theatrical release.”

Swapnil is of the opinion that the next few months will be about testing waters for the film industry. “It’s going to be a process of relearning for all of us, including the audience,” he says. The actor ads that there’s no perfect answer to what the coming period looks like for the field of cinema. He shares, “It’s a game of wait and watch. Depending on the kind of response, filmmakers are going to have to clean their slates of pre-corona observations and guidelines, and write new rules for the new normal. That said, I feel entertainment is a basic need for every person and it will gradually return to the way it has always been.”

News Source: Times Of India

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