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Surat: Leading doctors to go on serving in government hospitals

Surat: Leading doctors to go on serving in government hospitals

Surat: What Covid-19 took, humanity refilled during the calamity and some of the finest qualities of humankind were witnessed as the pandemic peaked to demonic heights. This was when medical experts of every field rushed in to offer their services selflessly to help the poor and needy patients at government hospitals.

Around 60 surgeons and super specialists have been taking a couple of hours off daily from their scheduled private practices to dedicate their services in New Civil Hospital (NCH), Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research (SMIMER) and Samras Hostel.

While already being preoccupied with their responsibilities in different private hospitals, these ‘saviours’ wanted to do a little extra by serving at the public hospitals. The endeavour didn’t end with the ebbing tide of the second wave but have assured of continuing to support the government hospital even if another wave happens to hit.

We were discussing in a group that we should do something to help people. We discussed this with senior doctors in government hospitals and they accepted our offer,” said Dr Nisarg Patel, a gastroenterologist.

Many such small groups of doctors approached the government hospitals and offered their services when Covid cases started to rise uncontrollably, practically keeping the doctors on their feet for over 25 days while trying to arrest the rapid spread of infection. “We divided the group of doctors into core and non-core groups. They were given duties as per their experience and expertise,” said Dr Bhavin Bhuva, a surgeon. Bhuva along with few other doctors associated with RSS formed the group to organise the activity.

The group of doctors were assigned different work at the hospitals as per their area of work. The doctors also started to counsel patients who were panicking due to the prolonged treatment.

“We not only examined patients but also shared knowledge with junior doctors. We tried to share information about the latest treatment methods,” said Dr Bhavesh Kacha, an anesthetist.

“Like other doctors in the group, I went to the hospital daily for two hours and helped other doctors and patients. All doctors willingly contributed for a good cause,” said Dr Jinesh Purohit, a nephrologist.

News source- Economic Times

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