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Sophie Choudry’s ‘flawless Pilates moves’ are the perfect Monday motivation

Sophie Choudry’s ‘flawless Pilates moves’ are the perfect Monday motivation

Always the one to add “fun” to a robust workout, Bollywood actor Sophie Choudry and her fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala are often seen treating fans to a glimpse of their pilates session at the gym and this week is no different as the duo got us charged up to hit the grind with rejuvenated energies. Sharing about the Sophie’s fitness journey from a “history of multiple injuries like slip disc” to now a better version of herself, Yasmin gave a sneak peek of the Bollywood diva’s “workout on different Pilates equipment” and that is all the workout motivation we need to get up and hit the gym this Monday.

Taking to her social media handle recently, Yasmin shared a video straight from the Pilates studio where she was seen sweating it out with Sophie and flaunting killer abs. The duo was first seen performing Snake on Reformer followed by Robot Arms on Core Align.

Reformers are workout machines which enhance core stability along with good postural alignment in those who use it for workouts. A pilates studio might appear like a war-zone to you but it works wonders for those in pursuit of a well-toned and strong body.

Next up, they performed Arabesque on Core Align. Arabesque is a ballet posture where the body is bent forward from the hip on one leg while keeping one arm extended forward and placing the other arm and leg backward.

They then did Split on Chair, followed by Helicopter on Step Barrel and ending with Hanging Back Extension on Trapeze. Yasmin shared in the caption, “You have heard Sophie’s melodious voice, now watch her flawless Pilates moves. @sophiechoudry has been working out with me since 8-9 years (sic).”

The celebrity trainer added, “When she first came to me for Pilates, she had a history of multiple injuries like slip disc…. but she was always determined to overcome this and be a better version of herself. After a few Pilates sessions, her body transformed and that shows, we must never give up… There is always a way to work on your body (sic).”


Named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, the exercise aims to strengthen the body with focus on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Beginners can do most of the Pilates moves at home including the hundred, the roll-up, the shoulder bridge or the criss-cross as they are absolutely fun to do even without the use of a reformer.

Apart from developing muscle tone and building strength and flexibility, a Pilate Reformer has several other benefits including the potential to increase fat loss and leading to a more toned lean-looking physique. After the whirlwind year that 2020 and half of 2021 have been, if you are looking to finely tune your brain and nervous system then Pilates should be your go-to physical therapy.

News Source: HindustanTimes

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