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Sonu Sood Tweets About ‘Best Veg Biryani’ And Foodies Are Confused

Sonu Sood Tweets About ‘Best Veg Biryani’ And Foodies Are Confused

If there’s one dish which enjoys a raging fan following across the country, it has to be Biryani. From Lucknow to Kochi, Kolkata to Hyderabad – each kind of Biryani has a unique aroma and authentic flavour of its own. In fact, choice of biryani is unique to each. But, if there’s one thing that Biryani-lovers are united against, then it would surely be the veg biryani. Passionate foodies claim that veg biryani is nothing but a pulao, as one of the main ingredients in every biryani recipe is meat. So, when actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood posted a tweet about veg biryani, his fans had a hard time coming to terms with the fact. Take a look at the post that Sonu Sood shared on Twitter:

The tweet came after Sonu Sood met with Telangana minister K.T. Rama Rao. The latter had presented Sood with a shawl and a plaque for his relentless efforts and philanthropic work, and the duo had gorged on some veg Biryani together for lunch. “Thank you so much brother for treating me with the world’s best veg biryani. Now I can officially say, ‘You are the best host in Telangana’. Love you loads,” wrote Sonu Sood in his tweet for the minister. “Your selfless service & passion to serve the people in distress are admirable. Let’s stay in touch and take forward the ideas we had discussed,” the minister had earlier written.

Sonu Sood’s tweet about the world’s best veg biryani, however, stirred up some reactions among foodies. While some felt veg biryani was not even a dish, while others invited him to try the biryani from their areas.
Take a look at the reactions:

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