Sherriff: Claims Against Missouri Lawmaker Not Credible

Sherriff: Claims Against Missouri Lawmaker Not Credible

COLUMBIA, Mo.: A Missouri sheriff said Friday that he didnt find credible a report that a man who is now a state lawmaker had sex with a drunken 19-year-old while on duty as a police officer in 2015.

Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte dismissed the claims as sour grapes and said they were brought forward by law enforcement officials with political vendettas against Rep. Chad Perkins, a 42-year-old Republican from Bowling Green.

Frankford police Chief Josh Baker in April sent documents about the claims to the Missouri Highway Patrol, the House speaker and other law enforcement agencies. The documents include a report from a former Pike County detective who received copies of purported messages between the 19-year-old and Perkins anonymously in September 2019 that reference an interaction when she was drunk and he was on duty as a Bowling Green police officer. She also asked him for help getting alcohol and the prescription drug Adderall.

News Source : News18

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