Shah Rukh Khan calls kids Aryan, Suhana and AbRam his friends, says wife Gauri loves him as he ‘can cook, clean’

Shah Rukh Khan calls kids Aryan, Suhana and AbRam his friends, says wife Gauri loves him as he ‘can cook, clean’

Shah Rukh Khan calls Aryan and Suhana his friends, says wife Gauri Khan loves him because he can ‘cook and clean and look after the babies’.

Trust Shah Rukh Khan to put a smile on your face with his witty, hilarious responses during the Ask Me Anything sessions on Twitter. On Wednesday, the actor took a 15 minutes break before going “into doing more of nothing,” to interact with his fans. During the chat on Twitter, he spoke about his children Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam, and revealed what his wife Gauri Khan loves about him.

When one of his fans questioned, “Sir, you once told on KwK (Koffee With Karan) that you have no friends and you don’t know how to maintain friendships. Would you still say the same?” SRK replied, “Nahi ab mere bachche mere dost hain (No, now my kids are my friends).” Another fan asked if he a strict father to which the Don actor had the sweetest reply, “Children were made for hugging and loving….and for making mistakes, not for reprimand or strictness.”

“What does Gauri love about you?” asked one of his followers, to which the actor wrote, “That I cook and clean and look after the babies. And I guess being so handsome helps too…”

Apart from his sense of humour, people love the Raees actor for his on-screen charm. Not just King of Bollywood, the actor also enjoys the tag of being the King of Romance, thanks to his romantic films over the years.

Going by his image, naturally, many asked him tips on how to woo a girl. When a fan wrote, “ladaki patane ke liye ek do tips do,” the actor corrected him and said, “Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ for a girl,” adding that he should try to impress a girl “with more respect gentleness and respect.”

He said, “All girls have a beauty which is different from each other. Don’t compare…and remember you are unique,” in response to a question that asked what he would say to girls who are insecure about their appearance.

News Source: The Indian Express

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