‘Ruining the game’: Nick Kyrgios demands chair umpire make immediate change

‘Ruining the game’: Nick Kyrgios demands chair umpire make immediate change

Nick Kyrgios blew up at the umpire just six games into his match against Frenchman Ugo Humbert in the second round of the Australian Open on Wednesday night.

Things then escalted in the second set to the point Kyrgios threatened to stop playing if chair umpire Marijana Veljovic didn’t make an immediate change.

Kyrgios was pinged for three lets in a row in the sixth game of the match and the Australian superstar decided it was time to have words with Veljovic.

The 25-year-old was convinced the sensor, which sits on top of the net and alerts Veljovic to a let, was broken and he demanded the problem be fixed.

“The ball was this high (hand motion with arms far apart) over the net. Reset the machine because the ball was this high,” he told Veljovic.

“Look at the replay. Obviously, something is wrong. Reset the machine.”

Humbert was called for a let in the second set and Kyrgios made the same motion with his hands, suggesting it was nowhere near the right call.

Kyrgios lost the first set against Humbert 7-5 after paying the price for three poor drop shots in his final service game.

The let incident then resurfaced with Kyrgios serving for the second set at 30-30, when he was again called for two consecutive lets which he thought were aces.

“Turn the machine off. Just turn it off,” Kyrgios demanded.

“It happened to his serve. Now it’s happening again to mine. It ruining the game. Do you understand?

“No you don’t understand. Look at the score. I’ll have to defer (retire) soon if you don’t turn it off.

“It’s this high above the net. I’m not playing unless you turn it off.”

Kyrgios begrudgingly returned to the service line and won the next two points to clinch the set 6-4 and square the match.

The incidents came less than a week after Kyrgios blasted a chair umpire and then stopped playing during his pre-tournament match against fellow Aussie Harry Bourchier.

Kyrgios mounted his protest at 5-5 in the second set after being called for a time violation while in the motion of serving.

He exploded at the umpire who he called “a peanut” and demanded the tournament supervisor come and resolve the issue.

News source : 7news

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