Rithvik Dhanjani: I’m getting the roles I’ve been waiting for; Don’t regret turning down acting parts earlier

Rithvik Dhanjani: I’m getting the roles I’ve been waiting for; Don’t regret turning down acting parts earlier

The actor who completed 10 years in the business, feels it is “overwhelming and he didn’t realise it had been so long”.

I had not realised that it had been ten years since I started acting,” says an excited Rithvik Dhanjani, adding, “I learnt thorough some posts by fans on social media and was overwhelmed. I didn’t realise it had been so long.”

He admits that when he decided to become an actor and took up his first acting role in the TV show Bairi Piya, he wasn’t thinking of the future. “All I remember is madness. I wanted to do this prove myself, no matter what or how, I will. I wanted to show that I am capable and here to stay. I was 20 when I came to Mumbai and it was difficult and but my drive was so strong that failures, rejections and letdowns didn’t affect me. In fact, I was overweight as a child and never looked like I could even think of being an actor one day. But I was a super confident kid and my belief in myself kept me going. Thankfully, I didn’t have struggles. I didn’t resonate with the word. I would say, I am marketing myself as I am a product. Mujhe pata tha ke ek din apni bhi chandi hogi (laughs).”

Having worked in TV shows such as, Bandini, Tere Liye, Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani and his most successful role in Pavitra Rishta, which lasted for three years, Dhanjani couldn’t be more thankful. “Pavitra Rishta’s reruns are on TV currently and that show is so special for me. People send messages even today and it is so heartening. It has given me everything I have today,” he says, adding since then he has been hosting reality shows and participated in reality shows too. For him, it’s challenging to break the mould. “You have to constantly rediscover yourself though retuning yourself is a difficult job for anyone, not just actors. Constant learning and growing is the way to be. I wouldn’t say it is challenging or a task but it is sure draining as it takes a lot of conscious effort.”

After Pavitra Rishta, Dhanjani turned down acting roles as he chose to wait for projects that he wished for. In the last six years, since he acted, he has been hosting. Ask him how does he look back at the decisions to not picking up acting projects and he replies, “I don’t have any regrets. I have been trying to do new things and currently, I am working on a web show and an experimental audio project. I feel thanks to those decisions of not taking up roles I wasn’t convinced about, I am doing these acting projects that I was waiting for. It is okay to wait for something that lights the fire in you. My decisions have made me who I am today. I have a belief that it’s okay to wait. Maybe you have had a hard day, hard week or a hard month, but you will have a brighter tomorrow. One needs to keep going and that’s how I go about things. This is a year is a good year for me, career-wise,” he says.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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