Pune admin to review Covid relaxations on Friday

Pune admin to review Covid relaxations on Friday

Pune: The district administration is likely to review Covid restrictions at the weekly meet in the light of the demand from some traders to ease curbs.The city last week returned to Level 3, prompting administration to bring back some of the old curbs.

Pune divisional commissioner Saurabh Rao said that there will be a discussion about the Covid curbs based on facts and numbers. “We will discuss all the angles and the final decision will be taken after reviewing facts and figures. I cannot say right now whether there will be relaxations or not,” said Rao on possible Covid relaxations in the coming days.

As the positivity rate had reduced in Pune, more relaxations such as increased timings for shops, restaurants and reopening of malls were announced. However, following the guidelines from the state government following reports of Delta Plus variant of coronavirus, the civic administration rolled back some of the exemptions, prompting business community to demand the increased timings to keep shops open and hoteliers have asked permission for dining in the evening hours.

Currently, all shops are allowed to operate till 4 pm, the deadline also set for restaurants for dine-in facility.Meanwhile, the weekly RT-PCR positivity rate (June 23-June 30) of Pune district has dropped to 7.7%. Rao pointed out a marginal increase in the positivity rate of Pune city.

“On Wednesday, Pune city recorded a positivity rate close to 8%. So, it will be too soon to say anything about Covid relaxations. Rural parts are still reporting a higher number of cases,” he said.Crowding in markets and tourist spots remains a challenge for the administration.

Rao said that efforts are made to sensitise residents to remain indoors unless it is important to venture out.

Source – Hindustan Times

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