PUBG Mobile joins hands with Tesla, could bring vehicle skins to the game

PUBG Mobile joins hands with Tesla, could bring vehicle skins to the game

PUBG Mobile has partnered with popular electric car maker Tesla and plans to bring Tesla-specific elements to the game. These will likely include Tesla cars that will be soon available in PUBG Mobile via the game’s skins, along with Tesla’s “revolutionary spirit”. However, it remains to be seen if these new elements will come to PUBG Mobile’s Indian counterpart, Battlegrounds Mobile India.

While neither Krafton nor PUBG Mobile have revealed what exactly will be the new changes coming to the game, a widely expected guess is skins for PUBG’s in-game vehicles like the Dacia. PUBG Mobile has collaborated with automobile manufacturers like Yamaha in the past, to bring its bike skins in the game.

With Tesla, we can expect skins for popular cars like the Model S, the Model X, the Model Y and the Model 3 to show up in the game. While these skins will not change the usability, functionality or handling of these in-game vehicles, they will definitely look cool. Other new aspects can also be expected in the game, with other Tesla-inspired skins, inventories and other features.

But what about Battlegrounds Mobile India?
While PUBG Mobile players will enjoy the new Tesla features whenever they drop, no confirmation of the same has come out so far for Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is basically PUBG Mobile’s Indian avatar. It should be noted that the game still in a beta phase.

While Krafton has not confirmed the same yet, the implementation could very well be possible with a future update as Battlegrounds Mobile India already carries a number of PUBG’s maps, weapons, and theme elements like the ‘Godzilla and Kong’ Titan elements.

new source: indian express

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