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Police officer assessed by fake psychologist after complaining of sexual harassment

Police officer assessed by fake psychologist after complaining of sexual harassment

The Ottawa Police Service will launch a criminal investigation after a former officer called for a probe into what appears to be a fraudulent report by someone posing as a psychologist who was assessing her ability to work on patrol. 

Const. Kimberly Cadarette said she was ordered into therapy by OPS managers in 2007 to determine if she was fit for duty after complaining to the chief about sexual harassment and bullying by members of her platoon.

Following that complaint, she said, she was told to visit Dr. Ron Frey, a certified psychologist, for weekly sessions at a designated time and location. Her nine-page psychological report bears Frey’s electronic signature and is written on his company letterhead. Frey is a psychologist who has worked with the Department of National Defence and the RCMP.

Frey, however, said in an interview that he did not write the report.

Staff working with the OPS wellness program had known about the possible fraud for eight months, but there was no apparent move toward an investigation until CBC made inquiries.

In order to verify details, CBC News arranged for the therapist and the officer to meet in person. In an astonishing moment captured on video, both Cadarette and Frey denied ever meeting face-to-face until then.

“I don’t even know what to say right now. It’s ruined me,” Cadarette said as she burst into tears upon realizing the man in front of her was not the therapist who treated her 14 years earlier.

After a year and a half with the Ottawa Police Service, Cadarette transferred to Peel Regional Police in 2008. She still works with the force in the Greater Toronto Area. Cadarette believes details of the OPS fraudulent report leaked out, tainting her career.

“We’re 2021 and this happened in 2007 and to this day I’m still referred to at work as crazy and I can’t be trusted. So this has never left me.”

Cadarette wants Ottawa police to find the imposter.

The OPS said it was made aware last November of a potential fraud involving the use of the name of a doctor participating in their wellness program.

Initially, the force had said there was no criminal investigation underway, but reversed course after CBC sent an email to Chief Peter Sloly on Tuesday inquiring about the possibility of an internal investigation.

“We take these types of calls very seriously. A criminal investigation will be conducted on this matter and we will be speaking to all parties involved,” media relations manager Carole Lavigne said in an email 2½ hours after CBC’s inquiry to the chief.

Cadarette called the OPS decision to do a criminal investigation “lip service.”

“Why didn’t they listen to me 15 years ago? I feel like they’re just playing games,” she said in an interview Tuesday night.

Harassment complaints

In 2007, Cadarette, a new recruit, moved from Amherstburg, just outside Windsor, to take on her “dream job” with the Ottawa police.

“I love working with people. I love the community. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces and knowing that I’ve made a difference,” Cadarette said as she showed photos from her first year on the job.

Cadarette had recently broken off a long-term relationship and said she found herself becoming the target of unwanted attention from her male colleagues. 

In her diary entries from the spring of 2007, she wrote about how a staff sergeant told her he wished he wasn’t married and how at least four other officers made comments about her physical appearance or inquired about her sex life. 

She said one constable accused her of having “multiple personalities” when she spurned his advances. After complaining to her supervisors, Cadarette said she was bullied at work and ostracized.

Frustrated by a lack of action, Cadarette said she walked into the office of the chief at the time, Vern White, without an appointment. 

“I was upset. I was a mess. I told him everything.

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