PM Oli-led CPN-UML Suspends Senior Leader Madhav Nepal, Vice-chair Rawal from Party

PM Oli-led CPN-UML Suspends Senior Leader Madhav Nepal, Vice-chair Rawal from Party

Pradhan Kathmandu: Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli-led ruling Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) has suspended senior party leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal and Bhim Rawal, accusing them of carrying out anti-party activities. In two separate letters issued to former prime minister Madhav Nepal and Vice-chairperson Rawal, the party said that they had been suspended from the party’s membership for six months.

“This action has been taken as the party was not satisfied by the clarifications furnished by you for your anti-party activities. This is your last chance to correct yourself,” the letter said. “The suspension period can be reduced if you revise your opinions and correct your anti-party activities, said the letter signed by UML Chairman and Prime Minister Oli. In the letter, Madhav Nepal and Rawal have been accused of promoting factional politics within the party by holding “unauthorized” gatherings of party members.

Oli’s decision to suspend them comes at a time when the intra-party rift within the ruling party has climaxed owing to factional feud. Madhav Nepal and Rawal last week boycotted the party’s parliamentary party meeting called by Chairperson Oli for a second time, taking strong exceptions to the “unilateral decisions” taken by him on various internal issues of the party.

The two factions led by Oli and Madhav Nepal are at loggerheads over a number of issues. The CPN-UML, revived after the Supreme Court verdict to invalidate the Nepal Communist Party born out of the merger between the then CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) in 2018, has witnessed a serious internal feud as the Oli-led faction is taking actions one after another against the leaders of Madhav Nepal-led faction accusing them of being involved in factional politics.

News Source: News18

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