Petrol Prices Hiked By Up To 34 Paise; Diesel Marginally Reduced

Petrol Prices Hiked By Up To 34 Paise; Diesel Marginally Reduced

The state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) on Monday once again revised fuel prices across the country. With the latest revision, petrol rates have been increased by up to 34 paise per litre, while diesel saw a marginal drop in prices. In the national capital Delhi, petrol has breached Rs. 101-mark, retailing at Rs. 101.19 a litre, after a hike of 28 paise. On the other hand, diesel has touched Rs. 89.72 a litre after prices were cut by 16 paise. Meanwhile, petrol and diesel prices have reached Rs. 107.20 a litre and Rs. 97.29 a litre, respectively.

As for other metro cities, petrol prices in Chennai have jumped to Rs. 101.92 a litre, after a hike of Rs. 28 paise while diesel now costs Rs. 94.24 a litre. Fuel rates in Bengaluru stood at Rs. 104.58 a litre and Rs. 95.09 a litre, respectively. Petrol rates in Hyderabad breached Rs. 105-mark after a hike of 29 paise to Rs. 105.15 a litre, while diesel now costs Rs. 97.78 a litre. In Bengaluru, petrol and diesel are currently priced at Rs. 104.58 a litre and Rs. 95.07 a litre, respectively.

Fuel prices are the most expensive in Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan where petrol is priced at Rs. 112.53 per litre, while diesel stands at Rs. 102.98 a litre. In Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa and Anuppur districts, petrol prices on Saturday touched Rs. 111.75 a litre and Rs. 112.11 a litre, respectively. Diesel, on the other hand, in these districts reached Rs. 100.56 a litre and Rs. 100.89 a litre, respectively. Customers in the Parbhani district of Maharashtra will now have to pay Rs. 109.50 a litre and Rs. 98.02 a litre for petrol and diesel, respectively.

Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum are the three leading oil marketing companies. They revise domestic fuel prices with global benchmarks by taking into account alterations in the foreign exchange rates accordingly. The fuel rates vary from state to state in the country due to the value-added tax or VAT.

News source- Carandbike

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