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Pakistan Train Accident: At Least 28 Killed, Nearly 100 Injured

Pakistan saw a devastating train derailment in Nawabshah, Sindh region. On August 6, 2023, the Rawalpindi-bound Hazara Express experienced a disastrous derailment close to the Sarhari Railway Station, resulting in the loss of at least 25 lives and leaving more than 100 others injured.

Yet again the accident has featured the major problem of security and modernization in Pakistan’s antiquated railway system.

Pakistan Train Accident: At Least 28 Killed, Nearly 100 Injured

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The Hazara Express, carrying hundreds of passengers, was in transit from Karachi to Rawalpindi when everything went horribly wrong. Close to Nawabshah, around 275 kilometers from Karachi, eight bogies of the train derailed, chaos and panic among the passengers.

Rescue teams and police quickly responded to the accident site, working effectively to separate survivors from the ravaged destruction. The sight of overturned carriages and injured passengers brought grief and anguish to the nation.

As the country mourned the loss of lives, questions emerged about the reasons for the disastrous accident. Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique addressed the media, stating that the initial investigations suggested two potential reasons for the derailment.

A possible mechanical fault or deliberate sabotage. The authorities launched an immediate investigation to decide the specific reason behind the disaster.

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The derailment has indeed exposed the vulnerabilities of Pakistan’s aging and poorly maintained railway system. The country’s railway network, crossing almost 7,500 kilometers, extends 80 accidents and crashes have become distressingly normal because of the absence of investment in modernization and safety measures.

Over the course of the last 10 years, Pakistan has seen a several destructive train accidents, each subsequent in critical death toll. In June 2021, a crash between two trains close to Daharki in Sindh killed no less than 65 people and harmed around 150 others.

Comparable occurrences, for example, the 2019 Tezgam express train fire that killed 75 passengers and the 2005 Ghotki collision that claimed over 100 lives, have underscored the urgency of addressing safety concerns.

Right after the Nawabshah tragedy, there have been renewed calls for the government to prioritize the modernization of the country’s railway infrastructure. Specialists and activists stress the requirement for sufficient financing, technology upgrades, and rigorous safety protocols to prevent such calamities in the future.

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The government, led by Prime Minister, communicated significant distress and stretched out condolences to the casualties’ families. An emergency was declared in hospitals in the affected regions, and relief efforts were promptly mobilized.

However, people in general likewise requests responsibility and straightforwardness in the investigation, encouraging the authorities to consider those answerable for carelessness, if any, responsible.

To handle the monumental task of modernizing the railway system, the Pakistani government might look for help from international governments.

Collaborating with countries experienced in railway infrastructure development, such as China or European nations, could bring fresh perspectives and technical expertise.

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