Nafas Hussey Inspires Women Around The Globe With Her Fashion Statement

Nafas Hussey Inspires Women Around The Globe With Her Fashion Statement

Fashion trends bring women and men from all over the world together while also allowing them to express their own personal style. The style of clothing worn by the people seen in a photograph can instantly identify a period of time, demonstrating how powerful and all-encompassing fashion is. Nafas Hussey is a young multi-talented professional who is a fashion model and an art aficionado, acing name in the industry.

With a strong following of 182k followers on Instagram, she has amassed a global following while making it a point to encourage all young girls through her digital platform. Believing that every female, regardless of colour, shape, or size, is attractive in her way and should not be ashamed of it. She also believes it is critical to prioritise your goals and make the necessary compromises.

Talking about her followers, Nafas said, “The love and positivity I receive from others is overwhelming at times. Despite my hectic schedule of back-to-back shoots, I make time for my followers through my blogs and stories.”

Hailing from Lahijan, a town north of Iran, she has always been drawn to art, crafts, and paintings since her childhood. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and has worked for a number of firms in Iran. Nafas began painting at the age of seven and, with the help of her family, pursued architecture as a subject of study, completing her diploma in the same field.

Cultivating her primary talents in such a way that she has found work as a fashion model while simultaneously being an ardent and accomplished artist.

Excelling in the field of modelling, she has opened different stores in and around Australia. She has been one beauty captivating many millions, which has mesmerised everyone in the modelling profession. She aspires to gain greater heights in the modelling industry and hopes to participate in numerous additional art expeditions in the future.

With her constant hard work, she is unquestionably progressing quickly and is driven to succeed in every endeavour she undertakes.

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