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Meghalaya: UDP President Metbah Lyngdoh seeks independent enquiry into MeECL functioning

Meghalaya: UDP President Metbah Lyngdoh seeks independent enquiry into MeECL functioning

By Daiaphira Kharsati


United Democratic Party (UDP) President and Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh, On Thursday, wrote a letter to Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma urging him to conduct an independent enquiry into the various allegations related to the functioning of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL).

The letter highlighted 10 allegations including implementation of the Saubhagya Scheme, the actual cost of smart metres, the appointment of advisors to the CMD and other corporation advisors, allegations made by the CMD on power theft in Byrnihat, recruitment of a junior officer to the post of Director (Distribution) and more.

The letter addressed to the CM stated, “Without blaming anyone at this juncture, those at the helm of affairs should be removed forthwith for a free and fair inquiry. Your intervention on the matter at the earliest will be highly appreciated.”

The contents of the letter said that the allegations in the Power Department appears to be serious and warrants immediate intervention so that corrective measures can be in placed to restore and bring about an effective functioning of the department.

Regarding the Saubhagya scheme, the party pointed out that there are flaws right from the beginning of the tendering process till the implementation stage, which has resulted in losses amounting to 100 crores.

As for Smart Meters, Lyngdoh said, “In the recently concluded Assembly session, it was informed on the floor of the house that the cost of each Smart meter is Rs 3400, however, the party learnt that the derived costing per meter is Rs 9444.44 which is contradictory, it is also learnt that the sitting of the Boards of Directors, MeECL to decide matters worth hundreds of crores in just 15 minutes is also questionable.”

On Enterprise Resource Planning, the UDP said, “The Scheme has several items at exorbitant rates, e.g, the rate of a normal PC (which is outdated) with chair, table, UPS etc is more than Rs 3 lakhs each and the supply of 100 numbers of such PCs has resulted in losses of crores of rupees.”

Pointing to the appointment of Adviser to Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) the party informed that the appointment of Manish Gupta as an advisor to the CMD, MeECL on Pro Bono basis, who is currently working as Assistant Manager at Arunachal Pradesh Power Corporation Private Ltd. (a trading firm from whom MeECL purchases power) is a total conflict of interest.”

As for the appointment of other advisors, the UDP said that the appointment of Arkajyoti Bhattacharjee as Assistant (Techno-commercial), and Sunny Kumar Singh as Assistant (Finance-Commercial) without following due procedures violates the State’s interest.

The party also asserted that the proposed outsourcing of the 33/11kV substation to outsiders will surely attract stiff opposition from different angles. This has to be properly examined before implementation, the UDP said.


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