Man gets QR Code tattooed on neck to open Instagram page and then THIS happens

Man gets QR Code tattooed on neck to open Instagram page and then THIS happens

Imagine someone scanning a tattooed Instagram QR code to open his Insta page. What more. Wait! the surprising bit is here – the tattoo owner claims it actually works. But then he says to his dismay, it stopped functioning later. 

This is no comedy. A Colombian social media influencer by the name Mauricia Gomez was left disappointed after a tattoo, that he got to open his Instagram page, stopped functioning.

Known as ‘La_Liendraa’ on the video-sharing platform recently got his Instagram QR code tattooed on his neck. He even posted a video that featured a person scanning the code to open his page.

Earlier last month, La Liendra shared a video on Instagram where he shows how the QR code tattoo worked and opened his Instagram page. The video begins with Liendra flaunting his existing tattoos before he proceeded to show the new QR code tattoo.

The video which left his followers stunned shows a person recording the video using a phone’s camera to ‘scan’ the code when a notification pops up on the screen to open La Liendra’s Instagram page. 

But now the story is going viral that the blogger and content creator has complained that the QR code has stopped functioning.

As per a report by LabBible, Gomez also visited his friend and plastic surgeon Carlos Ramos who showed him that it is fake and does not open.

So the bigger question remains whether in the first place it was actually working or not, or it later stopped working owing to skin changes or ink fading. 

However, the influencer’s video featuring the tattoo is a huge hit and has racked up nearly 500,000 views.

The video gathered mixed reactions from people. Joking on the bar code, a user wrote, “I thought the back was a restaurant menu hahaha.” While another added that it was cool, “I love you,” wrote a user. One user even offered to fix it writing, “When you want to fix them, here we are available.” Yet another user did not trust it and called him a ‘liar’.

News Source: DNA India

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