Like a big warm hug: Why puffy furniture is in fashion

Like a big warm hug: Why puffy furniture is in fashion

In the past year, when lines between home and work blurred, so too have our ideas around style and comfort. Suddenly, creating a desirable environment we are happy to hunker down in is a priority.

“Home has never been more important,” agrees Anthony Spon-Smith, creative director and co-owner at Coco Republic. “Working schedules have changed, travel requirements altered, and we’re spending more time at home, so we’re craving a better environment.”

With the planet on a high simmer, designers have responded with the furniture equivalent of a big bowl of ice cream. Huggable furniture.

“Along with binge-watching Netflix, it wasn’t enough that our sofas just looked good; they had to be super-comfy as well,” says interior stylist Heather Nette-King. “And just like that, puffy curved pieces were fast-tracked into the mainstream.”

Chunky, bulbous, and indeed huggable, curvy furniture is designed for good looks and wellbeing. Far from the rigidity and structure of more rectilinear styles, elegant and cushy curves are the perfect pieces for adding chic and sinking into.

“Lockdown pulled our design choices into sharp focus for a unique blend of comfort and versatility at home,” adds King. “Add to that a yearning for simpler times, and the popularity of puffy pieces reminiscent of the 1970s really took off.”


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