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Lexus India unfolds new ownership programmes for customers

Lexus India unfolds new ownership programmes for customers

New Delhi: Lexus India, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese carmaker Toyota, has launched two new services, Lexus Life and Lexus Pre-Owned, housed under what the company calls ‘Lexus Life’, an exclusive ownership programme for Lexus buyers.

P B Venugopal, president, Lexus India, said, “This programme represents our strong commitment to the Indian market. In this new era where consumers are more mindful about their purchases, we are constantly adapting our services to the needs of the guests. By introducing Lexus Life, we hope to extend the Lexus experience to our guests across segments, while staying true to the Lexus belief of “Omotenashi” which means exceptional hospitality to the guests. We believe this offering is an ode to our customers who are true connoisseurs of experiences.”

Lexus Life will be a comprehensive ownership programme offering a bouquet of benefits aimed at providing amazing experiences throughout the ownership period of a Lexus guest. Under this program, Lexus will bring in new ownership benefits through ‘Lexus Ownership Portfolio’, which will include a variety of crafted plans for finance, service options, warranty, insurance & roadside assistance. On offer are periodic maintenance packages – called ProCare Service – that can also include general repair, Lexus said in a release.

The road side assistance programme will also include support for smaller issues like tyre problems and refueling. Extended warranty options include a 2-year cover that is available over and above the 3-year OEM warranty and for vehicles aging up to 5 years.

Additionally, Lexus will also offer certified pre-owned Lexus cars which, apart from undergoing standard quality and safety checks, will also have the option of purchasing additional services from the Lexus Ownership Portfolio like extended warranties or service packs.

The brand is also planning to add an array of curated offerings under the Lexus Life umbrella in the near future, the release added.

News source- Economic Times

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