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Legal challenge over the government using Whatsapp

Legal challenge over the government using Whatsapp

Ministers could be banned from using self-destructing messages on Whatsapp or Signal for official business if a legal challenge is successful.Transparency campaigners have sent a letter to the government, arguing that politicians and staff could avoid accountability by using these features.Members of both the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet use Whatsapp and Signal.

The Cabinet Office said records of official communications are “retained in line with guidance”.

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The legal challenge is brought by campaigning law group Foxglove on behalf of non-profit political campaigners the Citizens.Its letter warns that if a satisfactory response is not received within 14 days, it may proceed to a judicial review.The organisation has previously sent “several” FOI requests seeking disclosure regarding how the government uses instant messaging services.It argues that the ability to remove or delete messages poses serious risks to transparency and democratic accountability.

News Source: BBC News

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