League of Legends receives 11.5 patch update: Here’s what it brings to the table

League of Legends receives 11.5 patch update: Here’s what it brings to the table

League of Legends is getting yet another update, which is set to make the gaming experience even better. With the new 11.5 patch update, the game developers have made tweaks in order to balance the characters. The overpowered picks, like Udyr, Gragas (top), Seraphine and Azir, will be receiving some changes.

Similarly, the champions who have been doing poorly in season 11 will be receiving upgrades. The update will make Sejuani, Qiyana, Trundle and Kog’Maw a bit more powerful than before. 

According to the official patch notes, here’s what will happen to all the characters in the 11.5 update of League of Legends:

  • Azir – W Sand Soldier damage decreased.
  • Gragas – Q cost now flat.
  • Jax – Base damage growth increased.
  • Karma – Q cooldown decreased.
  • Kog’Maw – W bonus damage increased later.
  • Master YI – E base damage increased.
  • Pyke – Passive grey health storage decreased; now adds lethality and increases when enemies are nearby.
  • Qiyana – W bonus damage increased. R damage increased later.
  • Rammus – Base health growth decreased.
  • Rell – Base armor decreased. W1 and W2 cooldown increased.
  • Samira – Base damage growth increased. Q damage ratio increased later.
  • Sejuni – W second hit damage ratio increased.
  • Seraphine – Passive subsequent note damage decay removed; Note damage from allies reduced. R cooldown increased.
  • Shaco – W base damage and single target base damage decreased; now deals increased damage to monsters.
  • Trundle – Q cooldown decreased.
  • Twitch – Passive damage ratio per stack decreased. R bonus damage increased; duration increased.
  • Udyr – Base health growth decreased. R aura total damage decreased.
  • Virgo – Fixed several bugs related to Mejai’s and Possession. Passive turret dodging removed.

News Source: India TV News

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